'Walking Dead' Sneak Peek: 'The Grove' Shows Tragedy Impacting Carol (VIDEO)

Walking Dead 'The Grove'Would you believe that there are only three episodes left in season 4 of The Walking Dead? We've got this Sunday's episode, titled "The Grove," the fifteenth episode on March 23rd, and the finale -- mysteriously titled "A" -- on March 30th. Boy, time flies when everyone's separated and dealing with various forms of angst and honing their competitive eating skills on fire-roasted snake and pudding barrels.

As always, I've got some sneak peeks at our upcoming episode. If you're all caught up on the Walking Dead, let's take a gander at what's in store for us on Sunday.

It's looking like "The Grove" will circle back to Carol, Tyreese, and the girls. Here's a sneak peek video showing everyone's favorite pint-sized psycho, Lizzie, playing "I spy a shambling animated corpse handily limp-moseying right down the train tracks so as for better long-distance viewing" with Tyreese:

Two things:


• That walker isn't moving as walker-y as most. Maybe it's actually a living person?

Now for the promo clip with brief highlights from the whole episode:

Something very bad is happening there, although it's not clear what. Is Carol crying and upset because someone got killed? Or is Carol is walking directly into a pit of zombies so as to spare someone else's (Mika's?) life?

Actually, I have another theory. I'm thinking that Carol might end up being responsible for Lizzie's death in some way. I think she knows Lizzie's not right in the head, and she's going to have to put that little girl down like a rabid dog. I have a feeling Mika's not going to make it out of this episode either, maybe because of a walker attack ... or worse, because of Lizzie.

I know, I know. Killing off two kids is pretty extreme, even for this show. But I think they've been leading up to a big HOLYSHIT moment, and the Lizzie storyline is pretty similar to the Ben character in the comics. He was a kid who tortured animals, and eventually killed his own brother because people always "come back" after they die. Sound familiar?

But who knows! I could be totally wrong! Just my unpleasant 2 cents!

Last but not least, another sneak peek, with a disturbing juxtaposition of a homey kitchen, a warming kettle, crackling music, laughter, and … well, what EXACTLY is happening outside?

Is that someone being chased by a walker? Or playing with a walker? It looks like a kid playing a weird game of tag with a zombie, which makes me think it's Lizzie -- but maybe it's someone's vision of humanity's bleak-ass future.

What do you think is going to happen in this Walking Dead episode? Do you think anyone's going to get killed off?

Image via AMC

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katyd... katydid620

Love reading your Walking Dead recaps and previews! I hate that this season is almost over....

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

Your previes are the best thing to read ever! 

I also think your right about her being a lot like Ben, I don't know if they will get rid of her right away though. 

She did try to kill Judith already and seemed to like it.

antfa... antfarmer101

Lizzie is ten pounds of crazy in a five pound sack and I actually hope they do kill her off. She creeps me out!

nonmember avatar me

I thought the girl in the last clip being chased was beth. I guess well see tonight. And lizzie... lizzie must die, the girls wrong in the head. I hope the little sister survives though

Martin Thorp

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