Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith's Epic Screaming Match Is Bad News (VIDEO)

Jenelle Evans

Are Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith on the verge of splitting up before their baby even arrives? Video that has been leaked to RadarOnline would certainly give that indication. The video, which Jenelle secretly recorded on her cellphone, captures Nathan and Jenelle in a knock-down, drag-out fight. Nathan screams at her, calls her names, and also seems to blame her for his problems. Jenelle, knowing the camera is rolling, remains rather calm.

You can't see much in the video (reportedly Jenelle was in the bathtub when it was recorded), but all you need to do is hear it. Nathan, who has generally been considered a good guy, unleashes his temper on Jenelle -- apparently this was recorded in November when the couple were repeatedly arguing over Nathan's keeping in touch with an ex-girlfriend.

In the video, Nathan tells Jenelle she is spoiled and has had life "handed to" her since she was 16. He also accused her of "acting like a bitch" to Jace. He also drops a bunch of f-bombs, tells her he doesn't want to be with her, and tells her to get out of his house.

Jenelle reportedly then gave the video to someone she "trusted" -- and that person must have passed it along to Courtland Rogers, whom Jenelle accuses of selling the video to RadarOnline.

Jenelle and Nathan both claim they worked past that argument months ago and now everything is hunky-dory. Yeah ... until the next argument!

I do feel sorry for any child who will have to listen to this horrible screeching. These two should get into therapy now. They've got a child on the way, and even if they don't stay together, they should learn how to communicate without threats and screaming.

Does this change your mind about their relationship?


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nonmember avatar Jennifer

The video was recorded February 20th of THIS YEAR. It is extremely recent. She sent the video to Courtland apparently telling him how mean Nathan is to her. And the only reason she was calm is because she knew it was recorded. The second she stopped recording im sure she flipped out.

Jai Hutto

Guess Babs called it, huh? Now we see why she was so concerned about her daughter being in another (repeat ANOTHER) controlling relationship.

Farrah Hays

how do u know this isnt a renactment?.done purposely,see camera don't show behind the scenes much

Nancy Sadler

Y'all need cc for the deaf were people that watch this show too

nonmember avatar lori

Lmao! Did anyone really think that a truly good person would want to be with Jenelle? Or that anyone in their right mind would want a child so quickly with someone they just met? I think we all knew this was coming sooner or later.

Jo-Ann Tuohey

Knew he was another loser, just like Jenelle, right from the beginning. He didn't fool all of us.....

nonmember avatar Foster

I don't understand why she would record it. Who does that? Seems like she loves drama and recorded it and sent it to a person she knew would sell it so she could cry victim later. She even admitted on the show that she likes drama

nonmember avatar Nancy

Yep, knew he was too good to be true. When I saw him yelling at poor Barbara in a recent episode, I definitely saw the dark side of him and am not shocked by his behavior in this clip. I definitely predict these two will not be living happily ever after.

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