Kailyn Lowry May Be Making a Bad Parenting Decision

Teen Mom 2 Baby LincolnWe know Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry is a bit on the crunchy side -- that is, she’s kind of a health nut. I hereby declare that any mom who dries out, encapsulates, and consumes her placenta after the baby’s birth to be a crunchy, health-nutty mama.

Nothing wrong with that. However, there is one health decision that this Teen Mom has made for her sons Isaac and Lincoln that may not have so many parents minding their own business. Kail has decided not to vaccinate her sons.

Kailyn wrote recently, adding that Isaac and Lincoln will still be able to attend school (they just have to "fill out a specific form").

I guess she hasn’t gotten the memo that vaccinations are back, after a brief hiatus during which everyone thought they caused autism and “vaccine-preventable outbreaks” of measles, rubella, and whooping cough exploded in the U.S.

See, what happens when large portions of the population skip vaccinations, more kids are going to get those old-timey illnesses, because they haven’t been effectively eradicated like polio. The more kids get sick, the more exposure there is, the more likely your un-vaccinated child will get it.

It’s still totally up to parents whether or not they want to vaccinate their kids. And it’s totally up to us parents that do to smile and say politely to the parent that don’t, “You’re very welcome!”

Are your kids vaccinated?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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nonmember avatar bet

She makes it bad for the kids who do get vaccinated stupid lil tweet. her kids shouldnd be allowed around my vaccinated kid but then again look how dumb she was pregnant again irresponsible piece of garbage

Jai Hutto

Uhm, if your kid is vaccinted then why would you have any reason to worry whether someone else's kid isn't? I

Stefanie Morrison Austin

My fear is for my father undergoing chemo, again, and another bone marrow transplant and also for my 8 month old daughter who is too young to recieve some of the vaccinations.  There are outbreaks of measles happening now and if either of them was to find themselves around anyone with these diseases, as they are contagious before symptoms show, they would get very ill or perhaps die.  People that don't vaccinate don't think of the rest of the population.


Helena Stephenson

Because Jai... Some vaccinations INFANTS cannot have. Pregnant women are also affected by those "Unvaxxed" kids.
I think parents who don't vaccinate should be charged with child neglect.
Also when my son's school had a whooping cough outbreak the kids in the Preschool classroom were the most vulnerable because you receive "rounds" of the whooping cough vax. So thanks Anti-vax nut cases for bringing back diseases that were eliminated.
Oh yeah I am an Autistic person. I am not more Autistic every time I get a vax either. So get off that horse. Dr. Wakefield admitted he fabricated his findings and lost his medical license. You know? The doctor who started this whole mess.
The united States should be like the UK and force vaccinations. Kids are dying because of no-vax parents.Anti-vax parents make me sick.

momto... momtoalexis423

If your vaccinated children are so protected then it doesn't really matter now does it? Making choices that you feel are best for your children are what it takes to be a good parent. Even if those choices are different then someone elses. The only thing "bad" here is the fact that too many people think they have the right to judge others decisions, when really, it's none of your business.

nonmember avatar Lisa

i think she makes the right decision to not vaccinate her kids. i'm 21 and still baby free but when i get kids i'm not gonna vaccinate them either. when i was a baby i got 3 vaccinations. after the first one i was fine but after the second and third one i got so sick i almost died. vaccinations are not healthy at all. people who are not vaccinated are mostly healthier than people who are vaccinated

nonmember avatar Janell

Go Kailyn! I also decided not to vaccinate and I have never regreted my decision!

nonmember avatar teicha

I take medication that causes me to be immunocompromised. I cannot fight off infections like measles and whooping cough. This is what scares me about unvaccinated children. I already become extremely uncomfortable when I'm out and people cough or sneeze without covering their mouths. The common cold turns into bronchitis almost instantly in my body, so imagine what measles or chicken pox or whooping cough could do to me.

Jennifer Smith

You people are so brainwashed! Do some more research on those vaccines you're injecting your children with. Read the ingredients. Look up a Dr. Russel Blaylock, neurosugeon. Keep an open mind, do the research and don't just believe everything your doctor tells you. As a parent, you owe that to your kids. And no, to force anyone to put ANYTHING into ANYONE is uncontitutional and invasion of personal liberties. If you don't like that, leave. If you are so affraid of people who are not vaccinated, then maybe you need to live high up on a mountain with no human interaction what so ever. 


nonmember avatar Sarah

She used to be one of my favorites, until I read this. Autism has been around long before vaccinations. Vaccines don't cause it. Vaccines save lives. THAT is a scientific fact. Choosing against vaccines affects so many more people {mainly infants} than just your own child(ren).

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