Chelsea Houska Is Getting Really Sick of Adam Lind’s Delusions

Chelsea HouskaI can imagine that Adam Lind isn’t Chelsea Houska’s favorite person right now. Not because she harbors any feelings for him, but just because he’s so annoying and assuming and full of himself and argh! I feel ya, Chels.

Chelsea is setting the record straight about Adam’s comments on Teen Mom 2 this week that imply that’s she’s still holding a candle for him and is “heartbroken” to see him with someone else.

Just to catch you up, Adam is the mostly absent father of Chelsea’s 4-year-old daughter Aubree. He is also a new dad again to baby Paislee with girlfriend Taylor Halbur. Chelsea was thrown for a loop on this week’s episode when Adam filed papers for more visitation rights with Aubree.

Also on the show, Adam had dinner with a friend and shared that he knows Chelsea is “heartbroken” to see him with someone else. But mama set the record straight on the after-show:

He tells people I'm so sad that he's had another kid and moved on. What? ... Even if I was devastated, I wouldn't tell him because I wouldn't want him to have that satisfaction, so I haven't said anything. I don't understand why he thinks that I'm so upset!

Chelsea also said it was annoying to not know what he’s saying to his friends until after the show airs.

It's weird because I don't know what he's saying to his friends until I see these shows, and I'm like, you can't just make stuff up and say it like that! I don't want people to see that on the show and think [that I really am].

It’s always frustrating when ex-boyfriends think they’re so cool that we’re still obsessed with them, isn’t it? Sorry babe, that train has left the station. Move along.

Do you think Chelsea still has amorous feelings for Adam?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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Jo-Ann Tuohey

Chelsea should not even listen to this fool (Adam) because nobody else does. He is a proven loser and she should not shed a tear because he has a new family and she thinks Aubree is going to miss out on that. Randy, Chelsea's dad, hit the nail on the head when he said that Aubree doesn't know that she is missing out on anything. Aubree has a wonderful mom, family and grandparents, and the last thing she needs is Adam. Adam will mess up this new family too because he just can't  control himself. All of us who have watched from the beginning know what Adam Lind is made of and believe me Chelsea doesn't have to worry about what he says, we all have seen what a liar and a loser he really is and wouldn't believe a word he says.....

nonmember avatar Gindi

Adam is the type that thinks he's irresistible to women!! He is nothing but a loser...A bum!! I'm sure there r PLENTY of women that find him repulsive!! Now he's acting like he's a good dad-and I use that word loosely-why? Because he made yet another baby, who I'm sure will grow up w out him sooner or later...His new 'girlfriend' won't last either!! She'll b in the same boat w Chelsea!!! GROW UP ADAM!! URE HURTING UR BABIES (IF U EVEN CARE) BE A REAL FATHER AND FOR ONCE THINK ABOUT UR GIRLS!!! (NOT UR HOES)

nonmember avatar Dick

Just want to clarify here... This isn't the Adam Lind who plays for the Toronto Blue Jays, is it?

Joanna Neuman

no she isn't heartbroken. She is doing a awesome job and Adam hasn't been around anyways.

Joanna Neuman

@ Dick no he isnt the Adam Lind who plays for the Toronto Blue Jays.

nonmember avatar Mara

She is obsessed and jealous , move on girl he don't want you the only one that has "sexual feelings" is you lmaoo

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