Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery Rumors Heat Up (PHOTOS)

Kylie JennerHas the youngest of the Jenner/Kardashian clan had plastic surgery already? Kylie Jenner says definitely not, but a group of experts claims otherwise. OK! Magazine says she's had lip fillers, a nose job, and Botox. One surgeon says Kylie looks like she's had her nose thinned. Another says it looks as if she's had her lips plumped with fillers and Botox in her forehead, which gives her brows that "raised" appearance.

Kylie told the Daily Mail Online: "That's so ridiculous and not true."

While it does appear that her nose is a little different than it was, that could be makeup or just Kylie growing into her nose. On the other hand, plenty of girls as young as 16 get nose jobs.

As for fillers, it wouldn't be surprising, especially in the lips. But she could also be using a non-filler lip gel like City Lips or another brand. On the other hand, sometimes different angles make a face look different. But her lips definitely look bigger.

Kylie 13 months ago
As for Botox, that would be totally unneeded at Kylie's age. There are some docs who urge young girls to get it for "preventative" measures though, so perhaps she's had some. But at 16, she surely doesn't need it.

It does seem that some kind of cosmetic work is de rigueur in the famous clan, so if Kylie has followed suit, it wouldn't shock. She's got a gorgeous little face though; I hope she leaves it as nature intended it.

Do you think she's had anything done to her face?

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nonmember avatar Adele

She has had a nose job, lips plumped and face contouring. Her cheeks are more prominent now. Looks good, but so young!!!

nonmember avatar shae

first off, for people to think a 16 teen year old girl got plastic surgery is upsird, for people to believe this stuff is dumb, and immature, if you havent noticed magizines and blogs make fake stories up, to go this extreme is crazy, shes only 16, if you didnt know, every human being goes through something called changes through the years, yeah peoples facial features change a little, they just like to make people feel bad, to have to write fake stories to make money is a sad life to live. obviously its fake, thats just my opinion, but its upsird, believe what you want but i always supported the kardashians/jenners.

ily kylie ❤️

nonmember avatar Smile24

Obviously she hasn't had anything done. Some people are so sad that they are so concerned if a 16 year old girl has had plastic surgery, isn't it obvious that she hasn't? She's 16! I don't see why some of you even care that much, but it's actually hurtful to say that to a girl. Come on use common sense, it's not really hard is it? Gees... Leave her alone and go talk about something that's at least the slightest bit believable! People these days need to think abit more, because I don't see the humour of making up a rumour like this... Absolutely ridiculous! You wonder why teenage girls lack self confidence.

Laraine Walker

nose job for sure..she had a ugly nose before

Laraine Walker

no matter howold you are by  a teen ager your nose never gets smaller..ha only bigger...

Tina Kong

It's 100% she got lip injections! This should not be called insulting because her surgery is the truth just she doesn't to admit! In fact she also got boob job, nosejob and more, just find more proofs here!

nonmember avatar lillian

I would be sad to know for certain she had work done at 16. Faces change, especially through puberty and adolescents. HOWEVER! Changes do not usually include much fuller and completely shaped lips. Eyebrows cannot miraculousy change positions on the face (but liners and shadows can change appearances of brows. The only thing I would say for certain is the LIPS. Lip gloss with fillers is NOT enough for such a drastic change and pout. Otherwise...lets leave her alone. She is a child growing up in a crazy ass works of artificial and superficial standards and I hope she and her sister are able to learn from the sisters who've kept their heads on. We may say "hey they are fake" but so far we arent saying "hey they are on deugs or in rehab" someone is teaching something right

nonmember avatar Keith

I'm not sure why so many people are acting as though it's absurd to insinuate that a 16 year old, much less a Jenner, had plastic surgery. Thousands of teens have gone under the knife with nose jobs and breast lifts, it's extremely common in areas of wealth. Look at the before and after don't 'grow into your looks' overnight. If this were makeup she would look like her old self without it, but she doesn't. She has a thinner nose and fuller lips...this is not typical with aging.

nonmember avatar GI

did away with the butt chin!

nonmember avatar Victoria

First of all, she looks gorgeous. But truth be told, after comparing photos, it looks to me like she's had her nose narrowed up and lip injections done; and yes, her brows are definitely different (even without pencil). Not judging her - she looks great! Who in her family HASN'T had something done? Both her parents have. No law against it. My two cents.

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