Kim Kardashian's New Face Looks More Plastic Than Ever (PHOTO)


Kim KardashianKim Kardashian is drawing a lot of attention in Miami for her appearance (what else? you didn't think it would be her work with Syrian refugees, did you?). First, there are those outfits. The skin-tight Kardashian Kollection beige croptop that looked suspiciously Photoshopped in Kim's selfie. Her chain mail dress. And her outrageous pilfering of skinny little sis Kylie's bikini. But something else has been getting some looksies too ... her face. Because it looks kind of ... frozen. I mean even more than usual. We're talkin' tundra, here. 

Kim posted a selfie on Instagram of her face, mentioning some of the makeup brands her makeup person, Mario Dedivanovic, uses for her. But most people aren't noticing the makeup job -- but the face. And how fuh-fuh-frozenBRRRR it is. "New round of Botox before Miami clearly..." wrote one commenter. "Her face looked better before," said another.

Kim has obviously gotten into the habit of rarely smiling for the cameras anymore either. When she does smile, such as in this photo -- it's like someone trying to grin through a cement face mask.

So what is going on with Kim? Well, I'm not her plastic surgeon, dermatologist, or skin care consultant, but it's quite obvious Kim is having some work done. My guess is nose job, Botox (a clear indicator is the shiny forehead), and some fillers, especially in the lips. IMHO.

What do you think?


Image via Instagram



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nonmember avatar jaime

I think people care way to much about what she does or doesn't do. How is this media worthy? And the content is crap. Her forehead is shiny??? So is mine when I need a little powder or overuse my highlighting stick and I've never had botox. She is obviously already very insecure with her looks because she's always looking for someone's approval, and I wonder why.... Smh

Erica Ojeda

Like wtf let them live their lives haters if you had the money guess what you would do it to

NoR_C... NoR_CaL_MoMmY

You guys realize this is a gossip and opinion oriented website right...not NBC. This is the shit they write about (and I like it). If you don't, no one is forcing you to visit their website or read their stories. That's all that's in the comments these days is people bitching about the article or author. So annoying!

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