Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Getting Married This Summer by Who?!

jennifer aniston justin therouxApparently Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are getting married. For real. They haven't broken up. He isn't too cool for her. She isn't morphing herself into Gisele. They will be husband and wife. I feel as if we've been planning (or cancelling) this wedding for ages. But now there's a date. Well, a month in which the date will happen. And it's this June. 

Aww. I always took Jennifer for a June bride. She was a July bride to Brad by the way. She can have peonies in June. My favorite flower. Love is in the air! Let's get these two married so the divorce rumors can start. And let's also talk about their very strange choice in wedding officiants.

It's Oprah. That's what the rumors are. Oprah will be officiating the marriage of Jen and Justin. WHAT?! My feelings toward Oprah aside -- she's an odd choice to marry these two, don't you think? Justin is just way too brooding and hip and outsider-y and indie and all anti-mainstream that you'd think they have someone different marry them. But Oprah? She's, well, OPRAH!

The other details emerging about this union is that they are taking a minimalist approach to their nuptials and will only have around 100 guests at Jen's Los Angeles home for the subdued event, which will feature a seven-course meal. Hmmm. Nothing modest about that considering Jen's LA home is a mansion. And ... OPRAH IS MARRYING THEM. I wonder if Bill Murray said no. Don't you think he'd make a great officiant? And he's way cooler to perform this wedding. Maybe he's busy preparing to marry Angie and Brad. Ouch.

What do you think of Jen and Justin's June wedding? Will it be a go? What do you think of Oprah marrying them?


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lizilli lizilli

If this couple are happy then it doesn't matter what I think.  What I do think is that you writers and the rest of the media can't wait for these two to get married so you can all begin to speculate about the divorce.  Since Jen has already been reported to be pregnant about 20 times and broken up another 10 or 15 times, it is clear that actual fact has nothing to do with what is written about her life.

nonmember avatar L. Deck

I just think they should be left to do as they want. YES to get married and be content and have a beautiful baby. But you know Holly Wood and trouble makers.

Lenora Deck

Jen is O.K. and deserves to have a life of happyness with a family. Husband, babys and all the trimings. She has paid her dues. We dont know Justin, but he is her pick.

Prisclla Carr

love them both be happy jen sooo deserves it she is so classy and genuine

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