5 Reasons Lisa Vanderpump Should Be Terrified About the 'RHOBH' Reunion

Lisa VanderpumpLisa Vanderpump is probably walking around with a case of the major-jitters right now and we don't blame her! Anyone who has watched this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been made privy to her downfall. Seriously, that was the main story this season! They might as well have changed the title to The Real Housewives of Figuring Out That They Are All Being Used By Lisa Vanderpump. But that was probably too long. Plus RHOFOTTAABUBLV is not a very catchy shorthand.

By the season's finale, Lisa had alienated officially every single one of her allies on the show. The passage of time since the shoot finished hasn't soothed things either. Brandi Glanville was on Watch What Happens Live calling Lisa all manner of names and none of them were good. Thankfully Lisa's got Giggy for comfort. And I mean, also Ken, I guess.

In case you missed it, there are roughly seventeen hundred reasons why Lisa should be scared about the finale. Because this is the Internet and we're all, like, "tl;dr," I've limited myself to picking the top five reasons Lisa has to be totally terrified to show her face at the reunion.

1. Yolanda's Still Pissed

Man, Ken Todd was way out of line attacking Yolanda and calling her stupid. Yolanda is pissed at Ken, but she is also furious with Lisa for not reprimanding her husband for his rude behavior. Look out, Lisa.

2. Kyle Stills Wants Answers

Not only is Kyle still deeply hurt by Lisa, but she never got an answer about her infamous "bring the tabloids" comment. There's no way this isn't coming up again.

3. Brandi Isn't Backing Down

Brandi's grown a spine where Lisa is concerned, so don't get your hopes up for a polite reconciliation. If anything, expect Brandi to be even more vicious now that she's got allies of her own.

4. Flashbacks Are a Bitch

Lisa's going to come face to face with a lot of her actions from the past. Trashing-talking Kyle, rolling her eyes, and being snide, it's all been caught on camera. There's no way she'll come out smelling like roses.

5. Kim Is Speaking Up

Now that Kim Richards is on the wagon, she's not taking smack talk from anyone -- exhibit the verbal beatdown she laid of Ken. She is bound to have some choice words for Lisa who loves nothing more than to talk about how Kim is on another planet.

What other reasons would you add to the list?


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nonmember avatar L. Boyle

It is about time people started catching on to Lisa-I thought I was the only one! She uses people for her restaurants" promotions in a way that is BEYOND the usual RH franchisees promotional antics! Will someone tell her she wears TOO MUCH makeup for a women her age. Not only that but it is outdated makeup. You are rich, please get a good FULL set of false eyelashes. She dresses too young also, which ages her even more. Don't get me wrong-she is a beautiful woman but she looks desperate and harsh and her choices don't make her younger-they AGE her. Lisa, calm down girl-you don't need to compete with the younger bitches. You all act like teenagers with your constant drama. Yolanda is the only one trying most of the time to ' rise above". Anyway, good luck Lisa your chickens are about to hatch or whatever that saying is!?

Beth Bristow

This is the best article and it's telling the truth about Lisa.

nonmember avatar Tamra

Lisa has gotten away for a long time being shady, and when it comes to Kyle she has been especially hard on Kyle and her husband this year and the last reunion. Can you imagine if Kyle talked smack about Ken all the time Lisa would have an aneurism of the brain because we all know how she wants Ken kept out of everything but she had no problem with dragging Mauricio in on all kinds of negative gossip that I'm sure Ken was surprised by Lisa. For years Kyle has been the villain for saying the truth about Lisa from the Lisa's fans. What Lisa has been up to this year with all her spiteful ways, Kyle has been tame and compared to Lisa and the rest of the women she deserves an apology from Lisa. And talk about Carlton for a second. She came after Kyle and Kyle had no idea at first how much Carlton hated her for nothing. Carlton has been nonstop blogging and talking about Kyle like she is "single white female" obsessed with Kyle this year it's been crazy.

nonmember avatar tj

It is about time karmas a bit!h. Shes finally been outed should make everyone wonder and see what she did to Adriene

Ruth Groll

If Lisa is everything that these females say she is, then every last one of them is far stupider then even I think they are. Cause everyone one of them LOVES LISA.

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