Bethenny Frankel Starts Feud With the Wrong 'Real Housewife'

carlton gebbiaBethenny Frankel seems to be surrounded by lots o' Real Housewives drama lately. There was the discussion of Ramona Singer's divorce (or non-divorce?) on her show recently, and now there's her feud with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Carlton Gebbia.

During the show with Ramona, the two girls played a game that involved choosing a Real Housewife to kick off of the show. And Bethenny chose Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Carlton Gebbia.

And, needless to say, Carlton is not happy, and she quickly fired back at Bethenny. Rawr!

After hearing Bethenny wanted to boot her off the island, Cartlon tweeted to the talk show host, "@Bethenny Congrats on the cancellation of your show -- you must be so 'relieved'!" She then added, "Thanks for the luv today but U First, I insist." The cancellation dig, of course, is in reference to the open letter Bethenny penned in which she said she was "relieved" her show got the axe.

Now, since Bethenny has clearly watched RHOBH, she had to have known that there was no way Carlton was going to take such a comment lying down. Like Kyle Richards said, the woman can find "tits on an ant," so clearly she was going to fire back. Is that why Bethenny chose Carlton? Because she knew a feud (read: publicity) would be started? Hmmm ...

On the other hand, I've gotta say, it's awfully brave of Bethenny to take on the mystical Carlton. I'm not saying Carlton's a witch, but the other women who have attacked her have been the victims of some pretty freaky happenstances thereafter. So you might wanna watch your back, Bethenny!

Do you think Bethenny intentionally chose Carlton because she knew she'd fight back?


Image via Bravo

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nonmember avatar summer

Bethanny is a no talent wanna be. She really should remove those nuts stuffed in her cheeks. Not an attractive look.

nonmember avatar Alyssa

I think Kyle and Bethanny are both hypocritical disgusting women and they never know when to keep their mouths shut.

Carlton is a good person, she may seem crazy by the way she is edited on the show but she is so much more normal than the stupid child star Richards sisters on for sure.

She is only "weird" to the typical middle aged, close-minded women audience whereas I know people that are more open to things that are outside the norm like myself, who adore Carlton. She is def not your typical housewife, which some cannot accept. I love this chick.

She is the only one who calls Kyle out on her BS (poor meeeee stupid victim act she always has), and it is always on point. :)

Cheryl Fieldson Ketcham

I'm with Bethenny ... axe the witch Carlton. She's a trouble making bitch that doesn't fit in with the other Housewives. And she can take "Jacklyn" with her !!!!

Cheryl Gillikin

Carlton is as low as it gets . She married money ,she is a high class whore .

Tonya L Muma Venable

They do need to get rid of Carlton ...she isn't helping the show dark side or not !!!

nonmember avatar Ryan

Carlton is boring and either delusional or an idiot. You expect class with with that accent but instead she acts like she's from Pigs Knuckle, Arkansas. She's got some weird fetish for Kyle. Why would she interpret
Kyle asking if her tattoo was the Star of David as a insult?! I have no idea where she's coming from on that. She invites people over where symbols of Wicca are all over and gets upset over Kyle asking about it. She's wacky.

nonmember avatar Amy

No, of course she didn't say it to get a reaction out of Carlton. She first said Joyce, then changed it to Carlton.

nonmember avatar Moralisation

Not a fan of Bethany either but she chose Carlton because she is an asshole . She needs to work on her toxic personality.

Fanny Serre Poulizac

moi j'adore bethenny et je ne juge que par moi même, et ce qu'on voit a la télé ou dans les journaux people et je fait des recherches que c'est la vérité et ce n'est pas toujours ce que l'on voit à la télé, vous savez comment sont les tétérealités y a plus d'écrit de que personne qui faiit et dit ce qu'elles veulent, les engeulades et tout le bordel vient plutôt de la direction et 'il vous plait mesdames soyer plus sympa les unes envers les autres sinon nous ne sortirons jamais de la façon dont nous voient les hommes "ho elle a le plus beau sac que moi et moi je voulais c'est chaussure là stop please

Beverly Carabajal

All those people are attention grabbers and are so envious of each other,I can't watch any of those shows because all they do is bicker,it's nerve wracking,they all look each other up and down when they meet at a function,it's actually laughable but sooooo irritating.

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