Sean Lowe Slams Juan Pablo Galavis With the Harsh Truth

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Ever since he got down on one knee and proposed to Catherine Giudici in Thailand, I've been sort of wishy-washy as to how I really feel about him. But after hearing Sean Lowe slam Juan Pablo Galavis for refusing to open up to fans about his relationship with Nikki Ferrell, I'm officially hopping on the Lowe-lovin' bandwagon.

In typical Sean fashion, he started things off on a positive note to express his feelings about the finale of The Bachelor and what went down on the "After the Final Rose" special. He tweeted, "My take on last night: I commend JP on not proposing if he isn't ready. And he certainly shouldn't feel pressured to say 'I love you.'"

But then he told us how he really feels.

Can I get an A-freakin-MEN? Juan P. obviously has some sort of a bone to pick with ABC about how his season went down in the end, which is probably why he's acting like a spoiled brat and remaining tight-lipped on whether or not he and Nikki are still together (for real).

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But as Sean said, he owes it to fans to let us in on the rest of the story -- because that's part of the gig he signed up for. How can you go on national TV in search of a wife (or f*** buddy) and expect to be left alone after it's all said and done? I know he's relied on the language barrier excuse for quite some time, but Juan Pablo can't be dumb enough to think that his private life isn't going to remain public for months on end.

Sure, it's tough living your life in the spotlight, as Sean Lowe knows all too well. He took his fair share of heat for plenty of things, including choosing to save himself for marriage -- but at least he didn't try and hide anything from his fans.

Juan Pablo can clam up all he wants to, but odds are good it will only make people hound him even more for information. If he really wants any sort of normal life, he might as well tell us all what we want to hear. And fast.

Do you think Juan Pablo owes it to fans to open up?


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nonmember avatar Connie

Leave JP ALONE! They have a right to privacy. Everyones just mad because they dont know his personal business. Hes going to be in the spotlight for awhile and good ole nosy paperrazi will be following them so eventually his life events will come out.

Ada Rossi

who cares anymore ur 15 minutes r up.

Frost... FrostyMelted

Juanny Pablo is a jerk and he should crawl back under his rock.

Debby Kinder

I agree with Connie. Let them be.  Other bachelors declared their love then broke up soon after.  Sometimes love takes more then a few dates! He is being realistic

nonmember avatar Cashley

Amen Connie!

I respect Juan Pablo for keeping it real and not marrying someone just for the money! Sean Lowe loves the spotlight ! He kept preaching on how he was not doing this for the sake of being on TV - yeah right! He only married Catherine because they paid him to do it.

I mean, come on people!!! who proposes in two months?

Thank you Juan Pablo for Keeping it REAL!!

Amy Castleberry-Patrick Muniz

I'm Kind of on both sides here... I think after the show they all need their privacy, but i think a lot of people are disappointed because he wont open up and say those words we want to hear. We watch this show because we want to be like "aww, they're in love" but instead we are like :/

Dania Elisse

@Cashley he definitely didn't marry Catherine for money! did other married couples like Trista married Ryan for money? because they all got paid and televised their wedding! juan pablo wanted to get back at ABC because they rejected him from DWTS! the ATFR is for the couple to open up and let the fans know what their plans are...he knew what he signed up for! if they didn't reject him from DWTS he would've seen a different him on the ATFR and his life was for sure wasn't gonna be all private! he thought he was gonna make more money and have more publicity, but ABC took those plans away from him so now he's pissed!

Dania Elisse

Sean has the right to say whatever he wants! Juan pablo is a tool! sorry, but i do not see this relationship lasting! is he a good Father to his Daughter? yes, he is that's the only good thing about him! all of a sudden you want "privacy" your behind shouldn't have never agreed to do the show! he thought he was gonna move to LA and be on DWTS ha, glad they saw the light and chose someone else at the last minute!


I thought those kinda things were in the contract. Guess not, because I'm sure ABC would sue his ass.

Roberta Howard

Who cares... Juan P was an ass from the beginning. He is afraid if he opens up he will say to much and the truth will come out about what an awful person he really is... I am not a Claire lover BUT really.. And does he think Nicki does not know if the rest of the world does.. He is a sleep around slut.. who hides behind his lack of  English..

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