'Fargo' the TV Series: 11 Reasons to Be Freaking Out Over This Show (VIDEO)

FargoIf someone forced me at gunpoint to name my favorite movie of all time, I'd inevitably be shot because I'd be all, "Well can I name my favorite movies by genre? Because it's like soooo hard to narrow it down to just *BLAM*" But if I managed to choke out a few titles before succumbing to my fatal wound, Fargo would definitely be at the top of the list.

Which is why I am beyond embarrassed to confess I had NO IDEA the Coen brothers are executive producing a TV adaption of this brilliant movie. I mean, what? Fargo the TV series? Yes, this is actually happening. It's happening on FX starting in April, and I am officially insanely excited about it.

Let's start with the casting. Fargo stars Bob Odenkirk (Saul from Breaking Bad!), Martin Freeman (Watson from Sherlock!), and Billy Bob Thorton (the weirdo who's pretty much jaw-droppingly awesome in literally everything he ever does!). And also: the teaser trailers for this show are FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC.

Pull up a chair, check out these 11 super-short/super-intriguing Fargo teaser clips, and join me in my belated pants-peeing over this promising-looking new series.

The first one's called Carcass:

Here's Runner:

Enchanted Highway:

Steak, in which we get our first look at Billy Bob:

Billy Bob with a different take on William H. Macy's iconic ice-flailing scene in Scrape:

The spooky narrative-plus-guy-in-the-trunk action from Rules:


Proof that there will be morbid humor, courtesy of Fishermen:

Roadside. Wait for it ... wait for it ...

Shopping Cart:

And last but certainly not least, an intense moment with Martin Freeman in Dryer:

While Fargo the series will be based on the 1996 film, it contains all-new storylines and characters. (Oh, and it's an anthology like True Detective, so if it's re-upped for a season season, it'll be a new story and new cast.) It's set to premiere on FX on April 15, and I am SO THERE.

What do you think of these teasers? Are you looking forward to Fargo, the TV show?

Image via FX



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nonmember avatar H

Yes, I am! As a general rule, I try all the FX shows and like (or love) most of them. I loved the movie Fargo. I know the actual Fargo pretty well too ;)

nonmember avatar Katie

I just finished watching the finale of Fargo. Billy Bob Thornton deserved his fate more than any recent villain that I can remember! In fact, as a morality play you can't beat it as a stark reminder of what good and evil are. He did more with the dead eyes and cold actions than Lucifer himself. You might say that Martin Freeman did the same, without being aware of it. More like dumb rather than evil. Kudos to FX.

The next series seems to be full of action scenes and brutality......more about the action than substance. We shall see.

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