'RHONY' Diva Still Paying for Last Season's Bad Behavior (VIDEO)

My goodness, there was so much happening in Real Housewives land this week, I think my head exploded! In a dark cloud of smoke, wafting across the room. This week we've got Atlanta, the Beverly Hills finale, and the premiere of New York City. Whew!

In today's exclusive video below, I discuss why Porsha Stewart should have been grateful to Peter Thomas and why she messed up, big-time. What led producers to choose Lisa Vanderpump as the fall gal this season, and what on earth Aviva Drescher will have to do to get back in the good graces of the Big Apple ladies. Is Brandi Glanville trying to usurp Lisa as Beverly Hills Queen Bee?

Marlo Hampton must be gleefully twisting the knife; I'm surprised that NeNe Leakes gave her so much power, but her actions are a classic case of "king making." Kenya Moore saw an opening and twirled right through it. We see that in New York this week as well with newbie Kristen Taekman.

From the perspective of one who has been there, it seems completely obvious to me what happened with the Beverly Hills ladies versus Lisa. I go through it all in this week's video, but may I just say ... never, EVER allow producers or crew to pass messages along between cast members. Just don't do it. The reunion is a three-episode arc, and I'm hoping that Yolanda Foster is correct and it's better than the whole season that went before it.

And New York. I had to giggle because the ladies have turned it up to 12. The only way to make it more over the top is to enlist Christopher Guest to direct (something I suggested in the season 1 reunion, actually). Everyone hates Aviva, most of all Ramona Singer, and what do you think I noticed? Hint ... it has something to do with Scary Island. Oh, and we have the hilarious reappearance of the party guest who shows up in odd places. A Hamptons wedding to discuss dress colors, a fake-out argument at a party ... and now ... ohm shanti OMG. You have to see it to believe it. 

Do you think Aviva has really changed or is she still a troublemaker?


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Elaine Leirer

great eye makeup.......Aviva  is uninteresting and I am sick of the un-leg.  Sonja MUST stop doing crazy crap to remain relevant.  Stop with vulgar blow job episodes.....shades of Aviva's dad.  Carole may not be the prettiest, may be an embarrassment  to Jackie's sister, but she is the most palatable. Just as with the first season when the producers got you two off to an unpalatable start, Kristen better watch out when she is portrayed negatively.  good job this week.

nonmember avatar Ana Rivera

Hi, Alex, I love your insights! Marlo was actually tested as a potential housewife like two seasons ago. Kenya was cast instead. Now, I think NeNe is acting all kinds of crazy but there might be a method to her madness. NeNe was the only one who seemed open to Marlo, to the point that even though she was dropped completely from the Housewives (not even as a friend of a housewife) NeNe made her a part of her spin off.Kenya began being close to Phaedra and antagonizing Cynthia and to some extent NeNe. Then it was reversed. Which is suspect. In her first season Kenya lied about her rented house and her boyfriend was revealed to be a fake relationship. Now Kenya claims to have an African boyfriend no one has seen. I think NeNe is sick of all those lies.Even though Nene was angry at her Kenya used NeNe's name and charity so that her event would be filmed. she befriended marlo to try to get in NeNe's good graces or to create friction, either way it would make for tv time. NeNe thinks Marlo used her to get camera time and Kenya used her to stay in the show. When Cynthia tried to talk about what happened, which is what housewives do, NeNe cut her off because she will not continue to give them more protagonism. So, yes, it's crazy but I can understand the reasoning behind it.

nonmember avatar Melinda

Alex, I live your vlogs, but the Brightcove link never works on my phone. You were posting an alternate link... Please offer us a way in...

Linda Cioffi

Love Alex's recaps! Very insightful.

nonmember avatar Jennifer M.

First, I'm a big fan of your. So I have to admit that I am a RHOBH junkie and though it may not sound like it, I am a fan of Lisa Vanderpump. In regards to her behavior on the show, before Kyle even labeled her Bobby Fischer I saw the manipulation and "chess playing", it's definitely there, or at least obvious to me - yet she remains top dog and is adored by many. The reunion that year when Kyle made that assertion I literally screamed FINALLY, someone else is calling it out! Her humor, in classic British style, enables her to annihilate her opponents, oftentimes leaving them defenseless. The prose of her quips, in aristocratic style, allows her to "dig " on another person, all the while giving her an almost iron clad defense of "it was just a joke" or if pushed further "how DARE you question my intent or character". How many British references in pop culture can we turn too to see examples of this...The Countess Lady Grantham anyone??? So I have to respectfully disagree with your assessment of the producers randomly picking Lisa Vanderpump to be the fall person this season, I think it’s been developing over the course of this entire housewives run and has finally come to a head. So my question to you is why is she sooooo liked? Is it her British humor? Her charisma? Is it that innate charm of a British accent that we love and trust so much? Am I alone is this feeling or am I just off in left field?

Mouser7 Mouser7

what will happen to lisa  vanderpump now? didn't she seem more hurt than a person having an "attitude"? can simon give us his takes too? thanks!

Tommy Valentino

Is it too far off to say that Bethenny Frankel plans to go back to Bravo? When she was interviewing Brandi Glandville, it almost seemed like she was trying to figure out the dynamics of the Beverly Hills cast. Could it be that she's thinking about moving to LA and revamping The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills now that she no longer has her talk show to worry about?

Alex McCord

Hi all -- for those having trouble with Brightcove, try this: http://bit.ly/TRD-3-12

Christopher Blake

Loved your commentary, Alex! As usual, you're right on everything you said! <3 

New York was boring for me...Glad Beverly Hills is over, and I think Yolo was right, the reunion will be better than the season. 

Atlanta is just getting old to me. As for Aviva back in NYC, she's the same ole bitch she always has been

Cynth... Cynthia.B

Love your outfit this week so cow-girlish! NYC was my favorite because it's home to me I love seeing all the familiar sites. YES Brandi want's to be Lisa! 

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