Javi Marroquin’s Giant New Tattoo Is Even Better Than Kailyn Lowry’s Panel (PHOTO)

Javi MarroquinIt’s not exactly a secret that Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry Marroquin are big fans of body art. As in Kailyn may or may not be a little obsessed with tattoos, working toward the goal of complete sleeves and constantly reimagining her back panel.

Javi recently decided to follow suit and cover his entire back with ink, and from the looks of the outline he Instagrammed, it’s going to be epic.

Lincoln Marshall’s daddy shared a pic of the art on his back from two angles and captioned it, “There's more to life I still have yet to discover, exploring with my family @sickinkstudios just some lines to get the idea out there!”

Javi Marroquin

There are trees on either side that look to be dead but are covered in leafy vines, and through the clearing you can see a sky full of planets and moons. Is that Saturn? Or just a random planet with rings? Either way, it’s obviously a metaphor for how much Javi liked Kailyn, because he definitely put a ring on it! Sorry, couldn’t help myself there ...

Anyway, it looks like the panel is going to be beautiful once it’s done, and from Javi’s comment, that may not be for quite a while. There is always more to discover in life -- there are endless worlds of possibilities, in fact. Maybe that’s the meaning behind the alien landscape.

What do you think of Javi’s new tattoo?


Images via javim9/Instagram

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Ariel Barnes Firby

It's nice but isn't he still in the Air Force? I can't remember what the AFI (Air Force Instruction for you civies) says about getting tats while on active duty. It is nice body art and would love to see the finished product! 


nonmember avatar mama2012

It says they cannot be showing in uniform. My opinion is if you sign to possibly die, you should have the choice to live how you like while you can. Tattoos should be of no concern to civilians wanting to judge the ppl that keep them from a life of servitude to the winning country.

Turtl... Turtledoves

I think it's sort of hideous, actually. I wouldn''t be happy if my husband did this.

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