Robert Pattinson Heads Back to Where He & Kristen Once Shared Hot Kisses

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Robert PattinsonRobert Pattinson may be headed back to where there are a lot of memories -- the Cannes Film Festival. Back in 2012, before the crap hit the fan in their relationship, Rob and Kristen Stewart attended the festival together while Rob promoted Cosmopolis. It was one of the few times the couple indulged in some PDA in front of the cameras. For many, it was the first real proof that the two were even together -- before that, it seemed like they kinda sorta maybe knew each other and had probably slept together a few times but who the hell knows really. But at the festival, they were a total couple! Remember that hot pic of the two of them smooching outside of a Cannes party?

The next year, neither of them attended. But this year, it appears that Rob's film Maps to the Stars will be shown at Cannes, and the director, David Cronenberg, has already said he would go. Since he and Rob are pretty tight, it's almost a given that Rob will go too.

Especially since he will want to do everything he can to promote the new film. Cosmopolis tanked at the box office, taking in less than $1 million. There's scant chance these two will get to work together again if Maps to the Stars fares just as badly -- unless they want to pay for a movie themselves.

The festival is in May.

Fun fact: Julianne Moore also stars in Maps to the Stars. She is now starring with Kristen Stewart in Still Alice. Maybe Kristen occasionally walks up to Julianne and is all, "I wonder what Rob is up to ... ?" You think they gossip about him?

So I wonder what it will be like for Rob to attend the festival again, when the last time he was there, he and Kristen were so lovey-dovey on the red carpet? Gotta bring back some memories. Maybe enough to make him rethink their relationship?

Do you think that Rob will be totally sad to attend Cannes all by his lonesome?


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Caryn Burton

Oh, yes, Cannes was a turning point for both of them, and for so many fans.  Fans who had previously vocally doubted finally came to accept that they were truly a couple and a couple seemingly in love... And then that illusion came crashing down because her actions were revealed for what they truly were; the desperate coverup of a liar and cheater.  Her guilty conscience overrode her craptastic attitude.  Because at the same time she was canoodling Rob, basking in his reflected glow, she knew she was betraying him while sleeping with her married director.  Most fans can barely stomach looking at pictures from Cannes2012.  Stop stirring the pot.  It is possible they will both be there in support of their own films.  But, it will in no way mean anything other than they are in the same city at the same time.  End. Of. Move on.

nonmember avatar Lisa

Who cares. They broke up a year ago. The poor bastard got cheated and dumped by a girl. Big deal. Not.

nonmember avatar Kelly

Kristen and Robert FOREVER!

nonmember avatar nicola

Hope MTTS goes to Cannes!Rob is a sweetheart and i am very happy that he has dumped the cheater from his life

Gwenda Wakely

I agree with Lisa, Big deal Not,they cant stop blaming Kristen. Kristen got caught,Rputz was doing the same thing with his Remember Me co-star.They were being paid to look like like they were a couple,he refused to stop seeing the other girl.So what did he expect Kristen to do, sit and look like a fool She went about the pay back a bit to far. But,  Rputz Ego needed a shake up. They both are to blame,but it is time to getoff her back,he is a womanizer loves to drink,until he is so drunk they have to carry him home has no morals, he even tries to chat up his mates girlfriends.Doesn't he think that embarrassed her. How dose this make him better than her,a saint he is not He doesn't deserve all the glory,while she is still being blamed for everything.  POOR Rputz its a hard life being very,very Rich if he doesn't like all the attention ( another lie ) get out of the business..

Mari Tan

Little RPatz or little KStew are coming into this world soon.  Just wonder what these people say.

ap58 ap58

@ Lisa

hahaha you sounds like Rob dumped your cheating and homerwrecking azzz unstead of your beloved idol. Rob was happy to be dumped thus He already move on. the sad part kristen fans are still acting angry bitter and so disgruntled like they cant move on.

ap58 ap58

@ Gwenda Wakey

you can rant all you want  like a bitter angry ex but youhave no proof with all your allegations against always sounds so bitter  pathetic and angry like Rob ruined you life. you need to let go. your hatred for Rob is not good for your mental and emotional stae. kristen did wveything by herself with out any help from Rob regardless how you portrayed Rob as this evil human being you cant excused your beloved idol ,kristen as being immature ,selfish, stupid and lack some moral compass . remember she was the one caught had an affair with a married man and not Rob

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