Jenelle Evans' Bra-less Baby Bump Might Be Going Too Far (PHOTO)

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Jenelle EvansNever has a woman been more proud of her pregnancy than notorious Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans. Or maybe show-offy is the word I'm looking for. Not a second goes by that Jenelle isn't documenting her growing baby bump on Twitter. I guess that's the way it is when your entire career is based on being pregnant. But did Jenelle's latest picture go a bit too far?

Jenelle shared a very up-close-and-personal photo of her enormous tatted belly with the caption: "Lmao I feel like a Buddha �� #BabyBump"

But Jenelle also decided to go bra-free for the bumpie. Possibly a bit of overshare? I mean, did we really need to see that?

On the other hand, well, it's sort of Mother Earthy. No sense being shy of your boobs if you're going to share your belly.

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There is some chance this could be a nude-colored bra. Hard to tell. I'm actually sorry I've had to stare at it this long.

But, hey, pregnancy is beautiful, so let's cut her some slack for sharing so much of it. Gone are the days when heavily pregnant women had to remain inside, away from prying eyes. Now they're all over the Internet. Progress!(?)

Do you think Jenelle should have covered up a bit?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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Lucki... Luckicharmz

Oh god call the indecency police, you can see the bottoms of her breasts! Seriously though, been to a public beach full of teenagers lately? This is almost decent in comparison.

nonmember avatar Tay

This is disgusting!! I honestly think she releases her own nudes sometimes; she clearly has no shame. Her 900k (70% purchased) followers didn't need to see this. We're all ready for her to stfu about her hasty decision to get pregnant by a drunk with a record a mile long. Can TM2 please go away already?

Danielle Mouw

I bet if any other the other Teen Moms had done this ya'll would be like aww how sweet. Now I am not a big Janel fan, but shoot she is trying to straighten out her life. You guys don't get all ohhh no when Kailyn shares breast feeding pics of her. No, it is just because it is Janel. Lots of women take bare belly pics of them being pregnant! Get over it and get a stinking life!



nonmember avatar dlasbed1

Actually the guy she is havinga baby with does not havea record..... Her estranged husband does. ... Secondly of any regular person not on tv were to post this no one would say anything.... Who cares she is basking in pregnancy. ... Maybe she'll stay clean and get it right this time.... People change

Kimeeko Pratt

Honestly... I think its beautiful no one should be staring at the pic long enough to try and figure out if its boobs or nude-colored bra.. its not like she let her nip slip in the pic.. no harm done!

Ceclia Thompson

I think that jenelle is a wild child and nothing suprises me about her

Anna Moseley

lol dlasbed1  yes he does. he has 3 dui's and the last one his preschool age daughter was present for and is the reason he lost all custody. MTV has edited him to make him look perfect, they mention nothing of his multiple dui's, and his continuing to drive they haven't even mentioned he has a kid himself around Jace's age at all.

nonmember avatar Nicole

How big to plead that we cut her some slack when you guys are the ones who publish a whole article slamming her. Don't know who this person is (and don't care), but I hate that instagram pictures are considered newsworthy.

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