Ramona Singer Might Actually Take Her Cheating Husband Back

ramona singerIt ain't over 'til the fat lady sings. And, according to Ramona Singer, the fat lady ain't yet sung! Recently, Singer stopped by her friend Bethenny Frankel's show, and the conversation veered onto the subject of Ramona's seemingly ending marriage. (You know, the one where Ramona reportedly walked in on her husband and his girlfriend at their Hamptons home? The one in which she filed for divorce?)

Ramona told Bethenny that she and Mario are "still together." She said that she, understandably, still loves him, and that "nothing is set in stone."

W-w-w-w-wait a second. Nothing is set in stone? I mean, I know I'm an outsider here, but really, Ramona?! You walked in on Mario and his girlfriend! Buh-bye!

I'm no expert here, but after all the rumors about Mario cheating/his mistresses -- and after Ramona caught him! -- how could she consider taking him back? Sure, they share a life together, and it has to be almost impossible to sever all ties, but ... if Ramona takes him back, she's basically going to send the message that his behavior is acceptable. And he'll more than likely do it again! How could there ever be trust between Mario and Ramona after everything they've been through? It's almost impossible. As sad as it is, I think it's time to close the door on their marriage. It's for the best.

Fortunately, for Ramona and her daughter Avery, none of the drama between the Singers will be played out on this season of The Real Housewives of New York. But if we know the editors at Bravo like we think we do, I'm sure there will be a few shots of Mario acting shady or leering at another woman.

Stay strong, Ramona. If anyone can do it, it's you!

Do you think Ramona should give Mario a second chance?


Image via Ramona Singer/Instagram

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Patti Santon

No way  get rid of him he will only do it again and again welll i think he already has!!!


Jackie Primavera

 Only if Ramona is ready.She's very smart she will know if the time is right.Or it may never happen.She can do alot better then a man who cheats.

nonmember avatar kelyn

It's her business. If she's willing to give him one last shot then I, for one, will support her decision to work on her marriage. If she ever, remotely thinks he's having further indiscretions, I hope his last chance will be gone. Friends support each other's decisions. We should give her the same respect as fans. I just hope she boned the 23 year-old before taking Mario back. : b

Barbara Richardson

I can not see any reason why I would consider it any of my business what they do. It is their business what their choices are. The rest of the world needs to butt out. Oh wait!!!!! But who would they talk about next?? This is someone's marriage folks. It should be a sacrament . Where does anyone get off judging them, or anyone else for that matter. Just more fodder for the gossip mills.

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