Nikki Ferrell's Latest Comment Tells Us Exactly Where She & Juan Pablo Stand Now

Juan Pablo Nikki FerrellI'm going to give the douchebag award to Chris Harrison. He was seriously in the wrong for questioning Juan Pablo's feelings for Nikki Ferrell over and over on the season finale of The Bachelor. It was like Juan Pablo broke his contract by not falling in love or something. Maybe, just maybe, he wasn't able to fall in love within a matter of weeks and therefore doesn't want to say those words just because the host of a reality show is pressuring him. Crazy, I know.

That being said, no woman deserves to sit next to a man she's madly in love with and have to hear time after time that he doesn't love her. But apparently ESS OKAY because they're a very happy couple who just can't wait to go out and grab a burger together. Yeah, I'm not so sure I'm buying that ... especially after reading Nikki's first comment since going public with Juan Pablo. Doesn't exactly scream happiness.

Once the "After the Finale Rose" special wrapped, Nikki took to Twitter to fight off her haters:

Okay so ... she's supposed to be happy with Juan Pablo, right? Totally blissfully in love? So why after hiding her relationship for months would her first comment be THIS? It says nothing positive, nothing about the man she's supposedly crazy about ... it's just not something we'd expect to read from a girl who's finally found the one. She should be shouting it from the rooftops, right? (I heard Chris Harrison might actually add "shout from rooftops" into future contracts.)

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Pile all of this on top of the rumors that they've already broken up and we've got ourselves a disaster sandwich ... extra drama. Okay, I'm not funny.

Do you think they're pretending to be happy?


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Dee Newberry Hull


nonmember avatar rachel

Chris Harrison wasn't pressuring him at all. He was just confused like the rest of us. All he was doing was wondering what is going on, and that moron Juan Pablo didnt have the decency to "be honest", he is just playing games. I feel bad for Nikki, cuz Juan Pablo is the most embarrassing clown in life, and he humiliated her, as well as she embarrassing herself.

Frost... FrostyMelted

Who cares? Let's just hope JP goes back to his real country since he's too lazy or stupid to learn English. 

Susan Owad

After Chris was talking to Nikki and telling everyone that this is the first time she and JP had seen each other since the finale, JP comes out and the kiss for each other looked like a sister/brother kind. Neither looked really thrilled to see each other.

Sue Hellman-Petruso

Nikki is an idiot..she looked like she was afraid to say anything..and thats gotta go through this..and get these feelings and tell him you love him.....and....he says I like you alot...that means..i cant wait to sleep with you...because I like you alot..i dont believe he should give the ring if he really didnt feel it...but come on...he is the DOUCHEBAG NIKKI...and before he spent the day with you NIKKI..he asked some other girls for a got there...PLEASE...


nonmember avatar kay shifflett

i want to say this man is self centered..and is out for what he can get with out a commitment run nikki run

nonmember avatar Adriana

Chris Harrison was being a total jerk last night. Did he really think the best time to tell someone that you love them for the first time is through a third party badgering him to spit it out? Can you imagine if a friend of yours asked your boyfriend if he loved you and he hadn't said those words to you yet? Awkward! He's obviously not ready, and to try and force those words out of JP prematurely was very immature of Chris. He'll say it when/if he feels it, in private, when the time is right.

nonmember avatar Kitty

Juan Pablo is an egomaniac and Nikki is a doormat. The perfect couple.

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