'Bachelor' Finale Recap: Juan Pablo Gets the Ending He Deserves

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I'm just going to go ahead and cut to the chase tonight. Is Juan Pablo Galavis for real? I mean ... yeah, he's said some crappy stuff and done some crappy things over the past couple months, and somehow the "language barrier" thing has always sort of carried him through.

But I'm sorry -- after seeing how he treated Clare Crawley on the finale of The Bachelor, I'm 150 percent convinced that he's every bit the asshat some fans determined him to be a long time ago.

Um, where do I even begin?!? And no, I don't care if I just gave away who Juan Pablo picked in the end. If you're reading this, odds are good you know exactly what went down.


First of all, if you're wondering what Juan Pablo said to Clare in the helicopter, you're not alone. And according to Wetpaint, he basically said he enjoyed (ahem) getting busy with her. No more. No less.

And then he went and tried to reassure her by telling her she'd be giving birth to his child in "a year and two months" -- and then he went and dumped her flat on her ass at the final rose ceremony.

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But when she defended herself (as she had every right to do) and started walking away, Juan Pablo said, "I'm glad I didn't pick her ..." ???

He lost me at that point. For good. He took disrespectful to an entirely new level as far as being The Bachelor is concerned.

And you know what? Say whatever you want about Clare -- but she really impressed me tonight. Good for her for respecting herself enough to give Juan Pablo the wake-up call he so desperately needs.

But I guess that brings us to Nikki. Sure ... it's semi-honorable that he didn't propose to her since he obviously was not in love with her at the end of his season. But for her sake, I hope she gives herself plenty of time to get to know Juan Pablo for who he really is before she does let him get down on one knee. (If they're even still together, of course.)

And something tells me if Juan Pablo and Nikki are still together, it won't be for long -- especially after she sees what he did to Clare.

It will be VERY interesting to see what happens on the "After the Final Rose" special tonight. And if Juan Pablo tells us he's single again?

Exactly no one will be surprised.

Are you shocked that Juan Pablo chose Nikki?


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