'Bachelor' Finale Recap: Juan Pablo Gets the Ending He Deserves

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I'm just going to go ahead and cut to the chase tonight. Is Juan Pablo Galavis for real? I mean ... yeah, he's said some crappy stuff and done some crappy things over the past couple months, and somehow the "language barrier" thing has always sort of carried him through.

But I'm sorry -- after seeing how he treated Clare Crawley on the finale of The Bachelor, I'm 150 percent convinced that he's every bit the asshat some fans determined him to be a long time ago.

Um, where do I even begin?!? And no, I don't care if I just gave away who Juan Pablo picked in the end. If you're reading this, odds are good you know exactly what went down.

First of all, if you're wondering what Juan Pablo said to Clare in the helicopter, you're not alone. And according to Wetpaint, he basically said he enjoyed (ahem) getting busy with her. No more. No less.

And then he went and tried to reassure her by telling her she'd be giving birth to his child in "a year and two months" -- and then he went and dumped her flat on her ass at the final rose ceremony.

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But when she defended herself (as she had every right to do) and started walking away, Juan Pablo said, "I'm glad I didn't pick her ..." ???

He lost me at that point. For good. He took disrespectful to an entirely new level as far as being The Bachelor is concerned.

And you know what? Say whatever you want about Clare -- but she really impressed me tonight. Good for her for respecting herself enough to give Juan Pablo the wake-up call he so desperately needs.

But I guess that brings us to Nikki. Sure ... it's semi-honorable that he didn't propose to her since he obviously was not in love with her at the end of his season. But for her sake, I hope she gives herself plenty of time to get to know Juan Pablo for who he really is before she does let him get down on one knee. (If they're even still together, of course.)

And something tells me if Juan Pablo and Nikki are still together, it won't be for long -- especially after she sees what he did to Clare.

It will be VERY interesting to see what happens on the "After the Final Rose" special tonight. And if Juan Pablo tells us he's single again?

Exactly no one will be surprised.

Are you shocked that Juan Pablo chose Nikki?


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Frost... FrostyMelted

My sympathies to the woman he winds up with. He's bad news, rude, ill-mannered, and is too stupid, apparently, to learn English. 

nonmember avatar Victoria

Guess Brad is officially not the biggest tool in bachelor history anymore!

Beth Clements Washausen

He reminds me of the narcissist that I was with the last 4 years. I say run girl hard and fast!!

nonmember avatar Claudia Zylo

I would run and leave him in the dust...Couldn't tell her in was in love...

Tracy Mitchell Protzman

Give me a break! She was all prepared to get engaged to him after that "horrible" comment. She's just bitter that he didn't pick her. No class at all that she loved him until he dumped her!! And you give her credit for that??

nonmember avatar Adriana

I agree with Tracy!! He told her this, and then she was outraged, and then she STILL wants to marry him? Where was your self respect on your last date, Clare? One girl has to go, and it is not uncommon for the Bachelor/Bachelorette to be completely torn up until the last minute. So of course he has to picture himself with her in the future! This was a possible outcome that Clare knew could happen, and she took the not so classy way out. Just like all the other women on this season, "he was perfect until he dumped me."

nonmember avatar Michelle

It didn't shock me that Nikki was chosen, because I like Nikki, she's gorgeous and an awesome person. However, it did shock me that he didn't choose Clare considering she's been a front runner all season. I am proud of how she handled her exit, but at the same time, she was still willing to be with him after his disgusting comments so I don't know why she was so shocked of him being an asshole to her yet again. Nikki deserves better than Juan, and I hope they break up soon. I respect the whole no proposal if you aren't in love or ready for marriage at the end of the season, but after watch the After the Final Rose Ceremony, I'm not buying it. If he can't even admit that he loves her at this point, then he never will.

nonmember avatar Laura

This article is so one sided. Lol funny. He did fine considering everything he had to deal with!! Shit like this article and other negative articles, news, etc.Claire is mad she didn't get picked! She didn't love him! JP was honest and people didn't like that. His broken english, him not able to understand some comments or slang terms...He did fine in my eyes.

Princ... PrincessPril

He used his broken english as an excuse to many times. And Nikki's behavior on the couch was just shameful...quiet, reserved, didn't speak up...she seemed the opposite on the show with the other women. Always had something to say. A love sellout. Whatever is going on is not healthy and will pridictibly end within 6 months. She'll smarten up.

Gwenn Bombard

Juan Pablo is a jerk in all senses of the word. He deserves to end up with no one in his life as he is rude, crude and a total loser.

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