Kanye West Visits the Last Place You Would Ever Expect Him To

Kanye WestWell, this isn't somewhere I would EVER expect to find Kanye West. Kanye, who is on tour in Brazil, reportedly walked through a Brazilian SLUM. A favela. A really, really poor place. This is the man who wears diamonds and fur coats, and lives in mansions, and drives a black Lamborghini. Oh hell, he probably has more than one. So what was he doing in a slum?


In Brazilian favelas, poor people are crammed into tiny little crumbling homes that are built on top of each other. Not a lot of privacy. I wonder what Kanye was thinking as he passed through and saw the no doubt heartbreaking sites of children with little food and people existing in deplorable conditions? Here is a picture of one in Rio de Janeiro:

Was he thinking, Hmm, forget spending millions on my upcoming wedding, I'm going to have something small and tasteful and instead get everyone to donate to worthy causes? Well, he probably didn't go that far. But let's hope he was thinking of some more ways to use his fame and influence to help those less fortunate. Not that he hasn't ever done that -- here is a list of charities, including Habitat for Humanity, that he has reportedly supported. But still. We know Kanye likes to live the bling life too, which he can. He earned it.

But if he's anything like me, when he saw those slums, he thought something like, "I am really, really, truly LUCKY!"

Maybe it will even humble him. Though let's not get too crazy.

I would, however, like to congratulate Kanye for not taking a selfie in the favela and posting it to Twitter.

Did you ever think you'd see Kanye in a slum?


Image via Peteris2009/Flickr; KennyyeSun/Flickr

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