Kristen Stewart's New Makeover Totally Dazzles (PHOTO)

Kristen StewartOkay, so it's so obvious Kristen Stewart does not want us looking at her. She's been tooling around New York City with an umbrella. And it's not raining. Believe me, I know. I live here. What gives? Well, besides hiding from the paparazzi, perhaps Kristen didn't want the world to see her deep, dark new secret -- she dyed her hair red! Check it out ...


Kristen is filming her new movie Still Alice, which costars the talented Julianne Moore, who is a natural redhead, and chances are the two need to look alike (perhaps they play mother and daugher?) so hence the hair change. Of course, Kristen has had a few amber highlights in the past, but nothing this dramatic.

I personally am loving this new color on KStew. She always looks a bit washed out, and this really brightens up her face -- I mean, what you can see of it. Besides, nothing says "I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair" like dyeing your hair another color. Take that, RPattz!

I really like how the highlights are really more lowlights, and don't cover her entire head. Also, her hair is it's usual shaggy self. Not everyone looks good with reddish highlights (believe me, I tried it) but KStew is totally pulling it off.

Do you like her new hair?


Images via MyAlexis/Flickr; Alessio Botticelli/Getty Images

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