Jenelle Evans' Boyfriend Wants Her Estranged Husband to Stop Calling Her


Ah, the drama that is Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers … will it ever end? The toxic ex-couple have been separated for nearly a year now (which is longer than the entirety of their romantic relationship, by the way), but they’re still legally married.

North Carolina law requires a year-long separation before a married couple can officially call it quits, but one thinks there would be an exception for a couple of kids that had tied the knot just four months before getting arrested for heroin possession and deciding to end it ... but whatevs.

Anyway, it seems that Courtland’s been dialing Jenelle's digits so much that her boyfriend and new baby daddy Nathan Griffith isn’t happy about it. According to Jenelle, it’s mostly because Courtland has been calling to chat about more than just divorce details.

On Saturday morning, Jenelle and Courtland had a Twitter exchange about the whole thing, because why should any of this stay private? Anyway, Courtland tweeted Jenelle and asked her why she called him. She said she Facebook messaged him, and asked that he not talk about this publically.

So of course Courtland pushed on and asked why she wouldn’t just call him, and she said that she wasn’t going to ruin her relationship over that drama. Then he accused her of not telling Nathan about … something. Their phone calls, I’m assuming.

Anyway, Jenelle then defended her relationship with Nathan and told her soon-to-be-ex that he did know, and he was uncomfortable with it.

All's well that ends well, and surprisingly drama-free. Courtland apologized for overstepping, and Jenelle thanked him.

Jenelle seems to be doing really well lately, and I hope that being officially divorced from Courtland will bring her one more measure of peace so she can go on with her life.

Do you think exes need to talk on the phone for any reason, or should communication be kept in writing?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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Jennifer Saunders

Nope!! The divorce lawyers can do all the communications!! That's what they're paid for!!

Jennifer Archambault

Yes, why pay someone, and fight about everything, if you can be adults and work out the petty details.


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