Robert Pattinson Is Dripping Wet in New Photos & It Couldn't Be Hotter

Robert PattinsonIn case you were wondering what Robert Pattinson looked like two seconds after he and Kristen broke up ... wonder no more! It must have looked JUST LIKE THIS. Rob, all wet and gloomy and covered in rain drops. Okay, maybe not. For one, it never rains in Los Angeles. But this is what he should have looked like, amiright?

Rob has been filming Life, about photographer Dennis Stock's relationship with the legendary actor James Dean, in Canada. And obviously this required getting all wet. Oh, the things these celebs do to earn their paycheck!

Rob doesn't play James Dean, which is handled by Dane DeHaan, but Stock, the photographer. Hmm. Y'all know James Dean was bisexual, right? So I wonder just what went on between Dean and Stock? Hey, I'm not starting any rumors, just wondering.

Stock is the guy who took the iconic photo of Dean in Times Square, his jacket collar pulled up, and a cigarette hanging from his mouth, on a gray, rainy day. So maybe since Rob was filming in the fake rain, that means they were shooting that scene that day. You'd think they'd do it in Times Square, but who knows.

Anyway, sounds like an interesting film! Anything with Rob all wet in it can't be half bad.

Any plans to see Life?


Image via Sean O'Neill, PacificCoastNews

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Ofry Arad



nonmember avatar Lilley

You people are always putting things out there before there is any proof. I think Rob is gay, just doesn't admit it. I think he and Kristin have moved on. They might be friends now but that's it. She will find the right person for her and he will do the same. Since they both hate the papparazzi, then they should have chosen another career.

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