Justin Bieber's Arrogant Deposition Contains Hilarious Flub (VIDEO)

justin bieberAnyone who ever thought Justin Bieber was a nice, respectful boy, who's totally not full of himself, say I. Okay, I see no one is raising their hands, because duh, Justin Bieber's obnoxious. But no matter how irritating you think the pop star is, you've never, ever seen him like this.

TMZ has obtained the video of Bieber in a deposition regarding a lawsuit involving his bodyguard punching a paparazzo, and wow! This kid literally could not be more rude. I never thought he was humble, but I've never seen anyone like this! What a jerk!

TMZ hilarious broke down the 4 hour video of Bieber into the four best parts: Arrogant Bieber, where he can't hide his contempt for the photog's lawyer; Lovesick Bieber, where he goes bonkers after being asked about Selena Gomez; Contentious Bieber, where he compares the deposition to a Katie Couric/60 Minutes interview; and Disrespectful/Dumb Bieber, where he tries to claim that he was discovered on YouTube, not by Usher. He attempts to say that his musical talent is why he's famous, but he says, "I was detrimental to my own career." D'oh!

Check out two of the funniest/most insane videos, and head on over to TMZ for the rest.



This guy is unbeliebable! He really thinks he's untouchable and completely above the law. Oh, Justin! How far you've fallen.

And hey, guess what? Even though you misspoke and said you were detrimental to your career, instead of what I assume you meant instrumental, you couldn't be more right.

What do you think of Justin in these videos?


Images via TMZ

justin bieber


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AliPa... AliParker

He is vile. I can't imagine how ashamed and sad his parents must be. Can you imagine seeing your child act like that? I would be so depressed to say he came from my body. His poor mom. I hope she tried harder to raise a decent son than her son makes it look.

ninag... ninag1980

Doesnt surprise me.  He acted jut like I thought

nonmember avatar Kylie

If u watch all the videos u will see the person questioning him isn't even askin him revelant questions and was being an idiot more then justin .... At one point justin even says I see what u are doing ... It was like a set up but he already knew

jwbrouss jwbrouss

Another rich, arrogant a__hole that young girls have turned into an "idol".

SAD !!!!!!!!

 Don't let your daughters waste anymore of your hard earned money on this JERK!!!!!!!

Brenda Tipton

I say charge him the most the law can. Without parole. Maybe he will see he is not above the law. He needs knocked off of he better than you Hi hose. Hit HARD.

JenGo JenGo

Just curious, does anyone else think he looks a lot like Vanilla Ice?

Taisie Taisie

Lol, yes JenGo, I agree :)

nonmember avatar sandy

So this comment is way after the fact, and I am way too old to care about Justin Bieber in any way, shape, or form, BUT... what a little punk! I am amazed that his lawyer allowed that sham and J's obnoxious behavior; I am even more amazed that the questioning attorney did not spank bratty Bieber. My goodness.

Kaelsma Kaelsma

There's a seven letter word that begins with an "A" that describes him perfectly.

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