Kim Kardashian's 'Guilty' Secret Sounds Totally Phony (VIDEO)


It was understandable last night on Keeping Up with the Kardashians that Khloe got teary-eyed about her marriage breaking down. But what was a bit more surprising is how teary-eyed Kim got about her own marriage breaking down. She confessed to her younger sister that she felt "guilty for a year" about her divorce. Kim has been married twice before -- so there's no telling which marriage she felt guilty about. But if she's referring to the one with Kris Humphries -- is anyone buying this?

Kim told Khloe:

You will feel guilty for awhile, thinking, is there more I could have done?

When Khloe asked her how long the guilt lasted for, Kim rather astonishingly replied, "I literally felt guilty for a year." Whaaaa?

It was about six months after she filed for divorce that she went public with Kanye, and a little over a year later that she was pregnant with North. Not to mention some rather compelling evidence that she and Kanye were involved before she even filed for divorce.

So how guilty could she have felt? Maybe she didn't feel guilty about filing for divorce, but about what she was doing during the marriage. Or about getting married to the hapless Kris Humphries at all.

But I doubt she harbored deep-seated guilt about her divorce for a year. Sounded more like Kim using Khloe's time of pain to try and grab some audience sympathy for herself.

Do you think Kim felt guilty about her divorce?


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Barbara Goodman

that,s the one she should be crying about an probaly was


Marina Margiotta

Divorce is the hardest thing to do I know what is was like for me when I went thru divorce it's hard 

you have a great support system they are there for you no matter what yes you do know this 

maybe haveing a stag for lamar 

might work so he can know you love him and you this marrage to work 

if it does fail and you tried all options 

please don't lisen to gossip it does not work at all 

that is what hurts alot of pple 

Kim do what you feel is right in your heart 

I am praying for you 


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