'Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' Recap: Morgan Stewart Reveals Her Biggest Quirk

Morgan and DorothyThis week on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Morgan Stewart re-launched her style-and-life blog Boobs and Loubs. This meant a big ol' party (naturally), and a giant trip to New York City with the girls in order to write-up an event taking place there for the aforementioned newly relaunched blog. She scrambled to get ready, made many quips, drank several drinks, and it was all innocuous and entertaining enough.

But the big guffaw-worthy moment was when Morgan shared her passion for Susan Miller, the famous astrologist. GIRL! I also heart Susan Miller! But I tend to mention her by casually discussing my horoscope. Morgan had a particularly Morgan-like way of bringing up Madame Miller. She shared her passion by telling a random they met at a bar in New York to have sex with Roxy because their signs were compatible! I die. And then I try it later on as a wing-woman tactic. I shall report back. 

The dude in question wasn't just being flirted with because he happened to have a suitable birthday. Oh no. In addition to sussing out that he was a Leo, Morgan also noticed the costly time-piece on his wrist and quickly took note that he was a WEALTHY Leo, making him the appropriate hook-up mate for her cash-strapped friend.

Oh Roxy. I hope it works out with this dude and you aren't left making purchases and charging them to your mom's Neiman's account indefinitely. Or I mean, sure fine, do that forever. God knows I would if I could. 

Next week the girls continue to live it up in the Big Apple. So many questions have I, typed The Stir's answer to Yoda. Will Morgan get a chance to wear all of the eighty coats she packed for the trip? Will Roxy make it work with the Leo? And perhaps most importantly of all, will Dorothy Wang ever taste the sweet, sweet nectar of the cronuts she so craves?

Who would you rather have as a wing-woman, Dorothy or Morgan?


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nonmember avatar Jenn

I think both Dorothy and Morgan would make a good wing-woman. But if I have to choose, it would be Dorothy. Though she acts spoiled, she seems like the type of girl that will stick with you through thick and thin. Morgan is fantastic too.

Paul Boyd

do either one of them realize how most people live in this country...it is very sad they are so pretentios.....they need to be on the real live of things....

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