'Girls' Recap: Hannah's Role Playing Bit Really Backfired

girls lena dunhamAfter complaining to her gay ex-boyfriend that Adam treats her "like an ottoman with a vagina", Hannah decides to make things interesting and gets herself all done up in a blonde wig for some role play. This episode of HBO's Girls was a bit surprising.

She thinks Adam's going to love it -- the wig, the fantasy. She's thinking that their sex life will magically become what it once was and Hannah's ottoman will be an ottoman and her vagina will be a vagina once more. It didn't quite work out that way though.

Maybe it was that awful lingerie thing Hannah was wearing. I'm fairly certain those granny panties weren't a part of the vision of whoever designed that black strap thing she was wearing. But we all know that wasn't it. I thought she looked great in that blonde wig. Things are happening with Adam. Big things. Major career things. And that's what's screwing things up.

Hannah is needy. Adam, for maybe the first time since being with Hannah, is not. The dynamic is totally different now. And he's talking about moving in with Ray for a little while. That's never a good sign. This playing house they were doing might be over. And I really didn't see this coming.

What do you think of what's going on with Hannah and Adam?

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nonmember avatar TVAnnie

I was not surprised and Hannah shouldn't have been surprised either. Everyone told her that her relationship with Adam would be changing because his acting career is taking off and he is on Broadway. I thought Hannah's role playing may have been more successful if she hadn't almost got Adam beaten-up by a stranger defending Hannah's virtue and if she had been wearing nothing under her clothes. That black strappy thing was weird and looked really uncomfortable.

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