'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Porsha Stewart Attacked By The Last Person She Expected

Peter ThomasThe ladies of The Real Housewives of Atlanta headed south of the border this week, to a vacation retreat hosted by the inimitable Kenya Moore. While she was doing her damnedest to stir the pot (all while wearing tasteless ponchos and sombreros), strangely, the drama was coming from the last place we'd suspect -- one of the real house-husbands! Oh lord preserve us. 

It wasn't Gregg Leakes, sadly -- and more's the pity. Instead, it was Cynthia Bailey's husband Peter Thomas who got just as catty as the rest of the broads, digging up dirt about Porsha Stewart's dunzo union with her one-time hubby Kordell Stewart. It didn't take very long for things to get damned heated. Somebody pour out those margaritas, y'all! It's getting spicy in here! Or something? Sorry, I'm drunk and don't know what I'm saying. Enchilada drunk, naturally.  

Before heading out to indulge Kenya's latest scheme, Peter went and had tea with Kordell. I wish I were kidding. I also wish that they had worn hats and eaten tiny sandwiches throughout. Sadly, neither of things happened. But a girl can dream. Instead, Peter gave his buddy Kordell a chance to speak out about his failed marriage, and what he had to say was pretty shocking. I mean, in as far as anything that happens on a reality television show can ever be really shocking.

Kordell dished major dirt. He claimed that Porsha's family was the reason they got a divorce. For real, a true thing I am not making up -- Kordell mentioned Porsha's mom eating pizza on a cream-colored sofa as one of the many reasons he eventually ended things. There go my dreams of marrying Kordell, you guys. I guess I will just marry this pepperoni pizza instead. I take thee oil stains, to have and to hold, from this day forward, until I finish eating you, and then order a calzone. 

Kordell also implied -- well, he flat-out said -- that Porsha's irresponsible with money and lost the only property she ever owned before entering her marriage. Peter decided that the best place to talk about this was in Mexico. He kind of weirdly attacked Porsha? She got on the defensive, and while the episode cut things short, I feel like we'll be revisiting this subject next week for sure.

Do you think it's fair for Peter to switch sides like this?


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I'm sorry Peter and Cordell act gay they seem like they like each other more than the women.I feel it's none of Peter ' business to be worrying about another man's relationship or throwing bombs at a women that's very disrespectful.

nonmember avatar berta

Peter is all BITCH!! first it non of his f/business..

secondly, his nosey bitch ass should have at talk to her one....MESSY...just like his wife.

nonmember avatar maria

The same way a women can have a friends who they can be confident with mens have same rights too is not crime when two men talking n be friends that doesnt mean they are gays so many womens just love to put man down when they dont get her way so do we should all womens be call eachothers lesbians if we have girl friends the one we have confident n talk about our buisness??...stop been hating men are part of this world too with same rightd n rules... thats why so many black men outhere dont want deal with you!!!

nonmember avatar Cheryl Williams

Instead of Peter being worried about Porsha's marriage he should be out looking for a real job instead of spending all of his wife's money......and being involved in he said she said.....

nonmember avatar MaryBeth

I have to agree with Kordell. It is so disrespectful for anyone to be in your matrimonial room, let alone eating pizza. As big as the house is, is there no other room to eat? Porsha's mom needs to hit the gym and loose some weight instead of eating.

I don't understand why Porsha will think she is doing Kordell a favor by trying to "help clear is image". She is just a stupid dumb person. She needs to work on herself first.

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