Surprise! Stacy Keibler Is Married!

Stacy Keibler Jared Pobre

Huh. Most of us didn't even realize she had a serious boyfriend, but Stacy Keibler married Jared Pobre yesterday in a beach ceremony in Mexico.

She'd only been seeing the tech entrepreneur since the fall, but they've been good friends for quite some time, so it's not like she doesn't know the dude or anything.

But let's just go ahead and address the elephant in the room -- George Clooney.

He and Stacy split less than a year ago and were together for two years, so it's interesting that she jumped into marriage so fast with Jared.

But who else thinks dating George might be the perfect prerequisite to finding the love of your life? After wasting so much time with a man you had to have known was never going to commit, I guess it's just easier to recognize a good thing when it comes along. We can't really blame her for not wanting to let true love pass her by.

As for George? Somehow I doubt he's even batting an eyelash at Stacy tying the knot. They were pretty gorgeous together and all, but he doesn't strike me as the type to pine for a woman after he's broken up with her.

And even if he is a little bummed out? Oh well. You snooze, you lose Georgie.

Are you happy for Stacy and Jared?


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nonmember avatar sandy

Of course this is wonderful! There is, in my opinion, pretty much no better life partner than someone who is also your best buddy. Seems like Stacy made a great choice (not to mention Jared's good choice:-)). As for George: He seems like an honest, kind, fair-minded, and laid-back guy. His choice seems to be not to marry again, which he would and does tell anyone who asks. I imagine that he is happy for Stacy, as he probably knew she ultimately would want to be married. Seems like everybody is right where they want to be. What could be better than that?

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