Kim Kardashian's Wedding Day Hair Is Already Causing Problems

Kim KardashianShe revealed that she plans on going with a "sexy" theme for her wedding gown, but apparently Kim Kardashian's wedding hairstyle hasn't quite been nailed down yet.

According to a source who talked to Hollywood Life, Kim can't make up her mind as far as what she wants to do with her locks on her big day. He/she says, "Kim is deciding whether to wear her hair up or down, blonde or brown right now."

Ahh. She's still having the blonde/brunette dilemma. (What a pain.)

It does look great in both shades, so she really can't go wrong if she chooses to keep her natural, darker hue or throws a few highlights back in.

But as far as the wearing it up or down part goes, I guess she can't make a firm decision until she's picked out her dress. If she goes more of a formal route, a classic updo is probably her best bet. But if Kim's sexy dress is more on the slinky side? I'm picturing her hair falling loose around her shoulders

If I had to bet on which style she'll go with, I'm guessing Kim will opt to leave her hair down or wear it half-up. She had the updo thing going on for her wedding to Kris Humphries, so something tells me she won't want to have any subtle reminders of that day when she ties the knot with Kanye West.

But regardless -- Kim really needs to get her look figured out in the very near future. May 24 is creeping up on her pretty fast!

How do you think Kim should wear her hair?


Image via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

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nonmember avatar Kenny67

No one cares!!!

kssomom kssomom

I think it should be Who Gives A F*ck?????

nonmember avatar Natalie

The real question should be, to keep the butt implants/injection or to get it/them removed? Here's proof she had a flat rear end...

Dina O'sullivan

Does anyone realy give a care about these trshy Kardashians and self absorbed Kenya. Stop taling about them and maybe they will just disappear.

nonmember avatar Melissa Apple

Kim, You look washed out with the blonde hair. You are our Elizabeth Taylor now and she never had blonde hair. Your black or dark brown looks the best. I prefer the black. It just lights up your face. There are only a handful of women that can wear there hair that color and you are one of them. Your wedding to Chris was the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen and you are the prettiest bride I've ever seen. You looked sexy but in a classy way. Just don't do your hair blonde. I swear it washes you out. It looks gray on TV and fried on the ends. You look sexy with that black hair. The blonde makes you look older. I think you are a beautiful girl. And North is a little baby doll. I am glad Kanye treats you so well. I have a lot of respect for him now and it's because of the way he loves you. Best wishes and congrats!

Judy Tarver

Her hair...her butttt....her big lips.......yawwwwwwn......She's a clown and a wedding dress won't change that.    It will still be a clown only in a wedding dress. 

nonmember avatar Kitty

Her hair looks stupid with that streaky "blonde" crap. She's so fake in every way!

But at least she's actually marrying the baby daddy instead of continuing to shack up.

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