The Truth About Those Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery Rumors Is Confirmed

Kylie JennerThe rumors have been flying for months that 16-year-old Kylie Jenner has gone under the knife (or Botox needle!) to enhance her basically perfect body.

Momager Kris Jenner may have some personal issues, but I doubt that she'd go so far as to allow Kylie to undergo cosmetic procedures including a nose job, lip fillers, and even Botox in her forehead. Besides, what teenager needs Botox? That's just silly.

Giving "credence" to the rumors that Kylie has had work done, an anonymous plastic surgeon who has not treated her claimed, "Her face has changed. Considering the work her sisters have had, I wouldn’t be surprised if she got an early start."

Um, duh ... of course her face has changed. Everybody's face changes a little as they transition from childhood into being an adult. But that doesn't mean that nature had any help.

These ridiculous rumors about Kylie getting surgery are finally being put to rest by Gossip Cop, who have revealed that a source close to the family has called out the mistruth.

This is a blatant lie and not true,” the Kardashian insider said, and I'm inclined to believe it. Kylie is a beautiful teenage girl all on her own.

Do you think Kylie Jenner had work done?


Image via Kylie Jenner/Instagram



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Michael Wagner

No way, its ridicules she's a very beautiful and perfect  young woman. She doesn't have anything done, and she's never gonna need it!   :)


adamat34 adamat34

Of course you do remember this is the same mother that marketed a sex tape for her daughter and pimps they at every opportunity, of course she had work done they all have.

Dave Tasmanian

To begin with, her jawline has been altered significantly.

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