Cressida Bonas & Prince Harry's PDA-Fest Tells Us All We Need to Know (PHOTO)

Cressida BonasOh, deary me. Let's hope the Queen Mother doesn't hear about what her grandson was up to at Wembley Stadium for the launch of the WE Day UK charity event.

You guys? Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas were caught canoodling. Yes, canoodling -- like they're a couple of Hollywood types or something.

And considering this was the first time Cressie showed up at an official engagement with Harry, I think it's pretty safe to say they're just as serious as all the rumors about them suggest.

See for yourself.

Prince Harry & Cressida Bonas

OMG! Are you believing there's actually a photo of her smooching him on the cheek? (Scandalous, I tell you.)

It's official. Those two are in love. And they must be super-duper serious or there's no way in hell Harry would be caught with her draped all over him at an event -- where he was also speaking!

Oh, did I leave that part out? Yep. Harry addressed the crowd and kicked things off by saying, "For those of you who were expecting Harry Styles here, I apologize, and no, I am not going to sing."

(Aww. What a funny royal chap he is.)

He also added, "Every single one of you has done something amazing to be here today. It may not feel like it to you, but I can assure you that, collectively, your actions can and will shape the course of our future."

But even though his speech was heartfelt and all well and good -- let's get back to the fact that he and Cress were practically all over each other by royal standards!

This has to mean they're rock solid, which lends itself to the possibility of an engagement announcement any day now. I don't know about you, but I'm going to be on pins and needles from here on out waiting to see if Harry puts a ring on it.

Do you think Harry and Cressida are cute together?


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nonmember avatar Jodi

The "Queen Mother" died 12 years ago. She was Elizabeth II's mother. Come on - how about some attempt at fact checking?

Josée Babineau

goodYes, i think they are a very sympathetic and energetic lovely couple!

Annette Gunther

Geez never knew the Queen Mum had a grandson called Harry . Must be an American report ????

Iris Atkinson

Its THE QUEEN  the queen Mother is dead she was the queens mother. If you must write drivel PLEASE get it correct.

Iris Atkinson

And NO I dont think they look cute together. He needs to get someone more suitable. He can do a LOT better..I wish everyone would stop trying to marry him off before he is ready..

Jo Sheets Bowman

I don't believe the title Queen Mother is used for his grandmother. Queen Mary (Queen Elizabeth's mother) was known as the Queen Mother because her husband was King and her daughter succeeded him as monarch. Please correct me if I am confused on this.

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