Kristen Stewart Is Really Making a Fool of Herself

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Kristen StewartHuh. When I first saw pics of her on the set of her new film, Still Alice, I figured she was shooting a bunch of scenes in the rain or something. But now that Kristen Stewart is still shielding herself with an umbrella in between takes in New York City -- it's obvious she's hiding something or she's hiding from someone. (Like the paps, probably.)

And I know KStew carrying an umbrella around isn't exactly news, but what's so strange is that she's never really done anything like this before.

She can't be trying to keep eyes off her newly highlighted hair, right? 

This is so odd, I'm not even sure what to make of it, but if Kristen keeps carrying that thing around? There's a very good chance that it could result in an even better meme than the Robert Pattinson with a cow one.

Can't you just picture Bella trying to block the glare of Sparkles when he steps into the sunlight? Or perhaps a scene of her smooching a married man underneath it? (I know. Kind of a low jab. Couldn't resist.)

Ooo! Or even that scene of Bella in Breaking Dawn where she's on her first hunt for blood. An umbrella would fit in nicely as she cowers behind that tree, don't you think?

KStew under an umbrella. It's the latest craze. Just accept it, people.

What do you think Kristen is hiding from?


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nonmember avatar guest

Gosh Mary Fischer, with women like you who needs men to bring us down. Do you eat your young too?

Lucy Exarhopoulos

Leave her alone!!!! She's OK, fix urself!!!!!!!!!!!

wtf5 wtf5

I think Kristen is trying to avoid jackasses like Mary Fischer and the pack of tabloid paparazzi's she works with. The only one who is a fool here is Fischer and her unlenting hatred of a talented and popular actress.  No matter what haterslike her do, they can't stop Kristen's fans from admiring her as an actress and a person.  And there are more of fans out there than they can ever imagine. Just accept it Fischer, and try to get a real job.

nonmember avatar Sandy

She is just trying to get attention. She does not know the meaning of normal, just another gimick to get noticed. Guess the attention is dying down, the only reason the paps keep following her is to catch her helping to break up another marriage.

nonmember avatar k

Your pathetic! And- in case you didn't notice (obviously not, since you only seem to spit venom about Kristen for no reason other than being spiteful), Rob does the same things with umbrellas....only he has offer people hold them for him.

nonmember avatar WTF?

Even if you wannabe a hater, be a bright hater, don't be a stupid hater. Kristen was using the umbrella in this outing while on the way to the shooting set of her latest movie, Still Alice. She's been using umbrella to shield herself FROM THE SUN several times now when she's heading to the shooting set. Did it EVER crossed your stupid mind that she's trying to shield her make up for the movie from the paps and public? Or perhaps just shielding herself from the sunlight because the director told her to do so? A lot, and I mean A LOT of actors/actresses do this (using umbrella) when they're on the set of their film or going to and fro the shooting set.'s NOT a big deal at all!

Simča Michalíková

Sandy - Are you crazy or stupid, kristen wants to have peace of mind that what you wrote is silly and funny, how old are you? wants to have peace of mind Everyone makes mistakes, kristen is great you're stupid

Elena Chirita

You are hater!1 FOR KRISTEN 0 FOR YOU!

nonmember avatar val

She used umbrellas while shooting sils maria and too idiot!!!

nonmember avatar esther

OMG!!! seriouly lady. we all know that is how you make your money. I wonder what you do if Kristen gave up acting, who would be your punching bag?

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