'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Recap: Shocking Pregnancy Test Results Revealed

here comes honey boo boo

Season 3 of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo ends with a bang ... or at least the possible consequences of one. Mama is freaking out because she thinks she may be pregnant. The reason? She is two weeks late. The last time that happened, she was expecting Alana. Now she's experiencing all the classic symptoms: mood swings, exhaustion, and out-of-control appetite (at least more so than usual).

She figures it's either a baby or menopause. Change of life at 33 -- not likely. You know what that means.

Though, as far as Mama June is concerned, a new baby is the last thing she wants. The four she has are plenty. So she keeps her fears to herself and goes about planning Alana and Anna's joint birthday party (they were born on the same day 11 years apart).

They agree to celebrate at a local carnival, but Anna didn't show up. A mean move that really devastated her mom, but it was clear what the teen was up to. She is still intent on moving out and Mama is giving her a hard time about it. She was probably trying to assert her independence. Mama can't help but lament about what it will be like without Anna and Kaitlyn in the house.

Still, even that bit of drama doesn't trump Mama's possible pregnancy. She's miserable at the thought, but it would be great for the show. It would all but guarantee another fun-filled, raunchy season. Can you imagine following Mama through nine months of pregnancy? If you think she's over the top now, just wait. But alas, she takes a pregnancy test and gets the answer she was hoping for. It's negative. Which is pretty surprising given her symptoms. Perhaps deep down she is actually longing for another little Honey Boo Boo!

Do you think June should have another baby?


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nonmember avatar Alanna

I'm really happy she's not pregnant. She shouldn't have anymore children until she gets the ones she's already got healthy. I don't want to seem hateful but watching that show makes my stomach turn. Those girls all need a serious lifestyle change before they suffer massive health consequences. That poor little girl is 7 yo and huge. Its not cute! I can't help myself but to be judgemental towards the mother. I don't understand how that show does so well. That show is showing people its OK to be so unhealthy. Not cool.

JS0512 JS0512

Alanna, I completely agree with you.  I watched one show (where she made spaghetti with a ton of butter & ketchup) and I was disgusted.  I don't allow my oldest (12) to watch the show either.  And I can't wrap my head around why anyone finds this entertaining.  I cannot stand it when I read stories tearing in to the little girl about her body because it is NOT her fault.  I don't doubt that the mother loves her children, but she needs a major nutritional wake up call.

Austi... Austinsmommy12

Ditto. And an educational wake-up call. That one family seriously ruins the reputation of the South as a whole, not to mention what it does for those of us actually from Georgia. That show needs to be removed from the air ASAP before people think butter and ketchup constitute spaghetti, and that none of us can speak without needing subtitles.

ajmom... ajmommy608

It's funny how you guys are all "not to be judgemental but..." You guys are acting  like yall are perfect parents who dont let your kids eat any junk food..,Alot of you  say" this show should be taken off the air and why is it even on tv" but i have a question for yall how do you know which episode had what one it if you have "never seen it "? I bet you guys are the ones that watch the bachelor,real housewives etc...at least they are being themselves and not putting on a front or throwing around their money..

nonmember avatar animal lover

June doesn't need more children. This family cares for each other, but the problem I have with them is the way they treat their animals. Their dog China was run over because they let it run loose all the time in an unfenced yard. Also, they left it outside all the time. And, it probably wasn't "fixed". If they can't afford to do right by an animal, how could they afford another baby?

Heather Lester

Good lord you guys are so freaking judgemental it's insane.  I'm glad you eat so healthy you fart cauliflower puffs!  Get a grip.  Yeah their diet sucks.  Yes she's overweight.  Yes she needs to get healthier but to TELL someone they shouldn't be having more children when she is otherwise a perfectly good mother?  That child Alana has more love in her heart than any of you bashers.  Because her mother taught her right.  They have hiccups just like every other family, because teenagers will be teenagers.  And the comment about the animals?  Come on.  They live in the COUNTRY.  In the COUNTRY there are no leash laws.  Lots of peoples animals go loose in their yards.  My own parents front yard is ungated on a back road (Let's all hear the collective gasp).  Some people will find fault in ANYTHING about a perfectly normal family if they are thrown into a limelight.  Let's see any one of you get put on TV and see what the world has to say about your closed doors and full closets.

JS0512 JS0512

ajmommy - maybe I missed it, but no one said "not to be judgemental".  In fact, someone admitted to BEING judgemental.  I, for one, know I am not a perfect parent.  Yes, my kids eat junk food.  In moderation.  She's allowing her family to be portrayed in a very bad light (health wise) and I don't doubt that's how the food situation actually is in their home.  I've only seen one episode, found it disgusting & have never watched again (I also don't watch any other reality TV because I find it all to be pretty nasty). 

Heather - the mother isn't "overweight".  She is obese.  And her children are on the same track.

kiowa... kiowagirl75

She is only 33?  I thought she was older than that.

aeneva aeneva

My question is HOW could she even think she was pregnant I didn't think she would have sex with sugar bear?  I don't watch the show so not reall sure about this htough.

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