'Scandal' Recap: Mellie & Andrew's Secret Is Only Just Beginning to Make Sparks Fly

mellie grant scandal we do not touch the first ladiesLast we saw our girl Olivia Pope, she was cozying up to Jake Ballard. Not in the way Team Jakers have been hoping for, but for show. In an attempt to keep tongues from clucking about an "alleged" affair with the POTUS. Tonight's episode, "We Do Not Touch the First Ladies," opened on a screaming match between Fitz and Liv over Jake, in which Liv rightfully shut Fitz down by explaining that she needs Jake by her side to get him elected on the straight and narrow without being known as his "public whore." BAM. But as we saw at the end of the ep, she may very well be developing real feelings for her faux boyfriend. Like we didn't see THAT coming!

But the prize for biggest "OMG" of the night had to go to FLOTUS Mellie and potential VPOTUS Andrew ...

In an attempt to sink Andrew's bid as VP and possibly even Fitz's re-election, a ghost from the past comes forward to reveal that Andrew was popping narcotics like candy back when he was Lt. Governor of California 14 years prior. What really happened, though, was that Mellie was taking them and, after being raped by Fitz's dad, even attempted suicide, only to be rescued by Andrew. And we thought they had simply shared a bit of passing chemistry ... not a full-blown, emotional suicide attempt cover-up. Eesh! In fact, it turns out, no matter how knight in shining armor he was or how absentee Fitz was at the time, Mellie wouldn't give into Andrew's advances back then. Though that's not to say things aren't different THIS time around!

After the drug story is quashed by Olivia sinking to her last resort (making the source look paid off), Mellie and Andrew meet in a White House room (the Vermeil room?) filled with various First Ladies' portraits. The VP candidate confesses he wonders what would happen if he attempted to steal the painting he's admiring of Jackie Kennedy (metaphor much?!), to which Mellie says, "We do not touch the First Ladies" ... and then proceeds to give into her desires and kiss him! Then, of course, flip out, about face, and run. Ahhhh! Love it. Let's start thinking up their portmanteau! Meldrew? Andrie? Hmm, what'll it be?

In other news, Sally is setting up to crack from the haunting guilt of murdering her hubs. Daddy Pope is still out for blood -- probably Fitz's and Jake's. Quinn refuses to leave B613, despite Olivia's pleas. Olivia's terrorist mama is back, thanks to being in cahoots with Harrison's beloved and loathed FWB Adan. And Cy still doesn't know James is secretly trying to take him down along with David Rosen, although he's definitely getting closer to busting his husband, thus that whole mess is looking more and more like a ticking time bomb.

But what I'm most surprised by is how my longtime allegiances from Team Fitz are slowly but surely switching to Team Jake. Crazy! Must be because Fitz keeps acting like a total jackass and treating Olivia like his "hen," or that as Olivia's man, Jake is really hot, you know, albeit fake -- for now.

Do you suddenly feel like Olivia should ditch Fitz? What do you think is going to happen with Mellie and Andrew?!


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nonmember avatar CJ

Andrew and Mellie are totally MellAn. Sweet and juicy.

nonmember avatar B-Welsh

Fitz is starting to take Olivia for granted, but I'm still not sure I trust Jake. It's about time Mellie got some extra marital action, hehe! I am a little sad that one of the President's most trusted secret service agents is really B613 though. Sidenote: Shonda is a genius!

nonmember avatar anon

Olivia needs to dump that presidential jackass and go for Jake! He's smart, handsome, and available.

nonmember avatar Alina

I am slowly switching to Team Jake! I am absolutely LOVING Scott Foley in Scandal and, although I usually love Fitz, it's true that he's acting like a total douche most of the time not only toward Olivia (acting like she's his property) but also toward Mellie! She may be bitchy sometimes but she doesn't deserve him saying "I don't have time" to all of her issues. ugh. stupid fitz needs to get his act together because Jake is quickly catching up and even gaining more love than Fitz! Also, Meldrew or Andrie? SO EXCITED FOR THAT.

nonmember avatar L.Fischer

The show is beginning to be a a real soap opera. Somewhere along the way, it lost it's original premise. Where are the gladiators solving problems. Now it's like a day time soap. This one is sleeping with that one, etc. I wonder if we're going to find out that Mellie's son is Andrew's son. I hope Shonda turns this around and goes back to it's core. Also, i don't trust Jake. I'm getting to the point that I can't look at Quinn.

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