15 Not-So-Hot Stars Who Are Still Strangely Sexy (PHOTOS)

It's a given that nearly every girl is going to fall hard for Brad Pitt or Alexander Skarsgard. And most men are going to find actresses like Mila Kunis terribly appealing. Boooring. The thing that makes fantasy celebrity crush discussions really interesting is when we let loose and reveal that we actually find a celeb who isn't known for his or her sex appeal to be totally hot. We can't explain why -- sometimes it's their sense of humor or the way they carry themselves, walk, laugh, or simply look at us (oh, fine, they're actually looking at a camera, we know). 

Here are 15 celebrities who aren't known for having conventional good looks, but who we can't help but find totally hot.



Image via Xavier Collin/Celebrity Monitor/Splash News/Corbis

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nonmember avatar Meghan

#13 It's No Country for OLD Men, not ALL men. And I think most of the women on this list are actually considered conventionally beautiful...

kiera... kierasmom516

Thanks, Meghan! Correction made. 

nonmember avatar Eva

I've long had a 'crush' on an unconventional man, and many give me grief. But Mark Hamill was always my favorite guy. Even way up into the late 90's he still looked really good. Other girls wanted Han Solo, but I always wanted Luke Skywalker!!

tbruc... tbrucemom

Agree about Steven Tyler, even though I'd probably say Mick Jagger instead. But a lot of these people are considered conventionally attractive, at least among the people I know (i.e, Russell Crowe, Javier Bardem). Some of these I don't find attractive AT ALL, but to each his own.

Rando... Randomlady

youthfulsoul, omg I love John Turturro. Something about seeing him dance in many of his roles is just so attractive.

Most of these people are conventionally attractive, except of course Steve Buscemi...poor guy isn't the best thing to look at. Did you know he used to be a firefighter and took time off from acting to volunteer in the 9/11 cleanup? I love him just for that alone.

nonmember avatar myop

I don't agree with several people on this list being "not so hot."


Nicolas Cage!

Seven... SeventiesChild

Okay! So i am not the only one! Steve Buscemi.  Yes!


nonmember avatar Bette Olster

Willem Dafoe and James Woods!

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