Kristen Bell Goes Mama Bear on the Paparazzi (VIDEO)

kristen bell dax shepherdWe love Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard for all kinds of reasons. But this makes us love them even more. Dax and Kristen appeared on Access Hollywood to confront two paparazzi bosses about photographing celebs' children. As you can tell from the photo, it got a little heated. If you thought Kristen was passionate about sloths, wait until you hear how she feels about photographers mobbing her to photograph her baby.

I don't mean to make light of this issue. Here's how Kristen describes her experiences with photographers.

We're on the street. And I'm telling you, as a mother, when I'm holding my baby, your foot soldiers are nasty. What they're doing may be legal. But when I get off an airplane, and I'm walking to my car, and it's dark, because I don't travel with an entourage, and I'm with my baby by myself, it's terrifying ...

Dax interjects at that point to describe the screaming and the flashbulbs going off in Kristen's eyes, probably because he can't stand that this happens to his wife and his baby. They admit it's legal, but they say the "pederazzi" are unethical. And they want magazines to stop paying for photos of celebs' children.

The photo agency owners talk down to Kristen and Dax, telling her she's being hysterical. They also seem to think nothing will ever change, so (shrug) whatever lady. Quit complaining. It's not as bad as you say it is. Outta my control!

They look like total jerks. But who's really at fault? Magazines are buying these photos from harassing photographers. And who is buying those magazines? WE ARE. While people like Kristen and Dax and Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry fight to protect their kids' privacy, I think fans have to think about our appetite for those photos. 

Are we total jerks, too? Are we feeding the monster every time we buy a magazine or click on a headline with those baby photos? I feel for parents like Kristen, and I hope they succeed in getting magazines to stop paying for photos of children. But I'm also going to think twice the next time I think about clicking on a link promising to show a celeb's baby.

Do you think it's unethical for photographers to stalk celebs for photos of their children?


Image via Access Hollywood

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there... theresaphilly

Kristen has it wrong, She is not an "A" list celeb, no one wants a picture of her baby. Shop believing your own hype!

nonmember avatar Cali

Yes! If a celeb asks that a photog not take a picture of their children, the photog should comply. Magazines, please stop buying pics of children! Michael Jackson had it right by covering his kids when they were in public with him, to protect them from being recognized when they were out without him. Kids are off limits! Keep fighting for the privacy of your children!

MrsCh... MrsChurch

Kristen Bell is very grating. She annoys me to no end.


Sorry, but unfortunately it goes with the turf.

nonmember avatar Rini

I used to live in Hollywood and what the paps do to stars is disgusting- it is SCARY! I saw so many car windows and windshields be COVERED with the paps and flashing lights, and you can bet if any one of those scum had a foot ran over it's ASSAULT poor me. It is sad that the paps can get as close as they like and harass people but if anyone reacts, it is assault. Anyway my point was that what they do is scary for adults so to add kids to that MESS is truly sad. As sad as our obsession that is driving it. I think it is completely reasonable and respectful to support magazines that feature parent approved pictures.

Kisha Dean

If she was alone or with Dax, than fine. But as a mother if I ask you to step away from my child/children and you don't do so. Or you decide to ignore my warnings then do not go running to the cops because you were pepper sprayed, tassed, and or beat within an inch of your life.
Yes that is the life they chose to live but the children didn't. So why do people get bent out of shape when mother's react to these total strangers crowding their children. If the paparazzi were in some random town in a random park doing this mothers across the globe would be up on arms.
After saying all of that. Let us from one parent to another be mindful of their situation. How would you handle it if it were you all alone with a small child A list celb or not?

Felicia Zuniga

The point Kristen and Dax are making has nothing to do with photos of them and they've said it repeatedly. They understand that paparazzi photos of them come with the turf and accept that there are going to be occasions where their photos are taken in that manner. They're solely referring to scenarios where children are involved, particularly children who are unable to make the choice on their own of whether or not they appear in these photos. By now we've all seen the video where a paparazzo began to swear at Suri Cruise because she didn't want to have her photo taken. It doesn't seem to me like there's any scenario where it's okay for a swarm of people to be harassing children and calling them names or staking them out for a photograph.

Jai Hutto

They shouldn't have to "ask" for pho-togs NOT to take a picture if their baby. It should be illegal for them to do so in the first place. 

Craft... CraftyJenna

Stars are talented people who act in movies or sing on the radio. People have no right to their personal lives, just like I have no right to know what goes on in my neighbor's house. People are entiltled to privacy, and I do not understand why people think that just because someone is an actor they no longer deserve to have their privacy respected. It's worse when they stalk the children, or do things to try and make the celebrities look bad, like shouting profanities and insulting the children, mobbing the stars. It's disgusting, and it should be illegal. Everyone is so concerned about the NSA and having their privacy infringed upon, so why the double standard? Take their picture in interviews or on the red carpet and otherwise leave them the fuck alone. 

Caely... Caelynnes.Mommy

If these celebrities were smart they could prevent having pics taken of their kids. You have all kinds of people working for you that could take your child a back way or in a different vehicle and meet you where you are going

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