Kate Middleton Regrets 'Horrible' Mistake Anyone Could Have Made

kate middletonKate Middleton's renovation of the royal couple's Kensington Palace home has been making headlines for months. No doubt because the job came to the tune of about £1 million, aka $1.6 mil.! But despite the hefty price tag, there's now a bit of trouble in paradise.

Apparently, the Duchess is "dissatisfied" with the color of the walls in one of the rooms. Sebastian Shakespeare at the Daily Mail was told, "She tried to do the revamp cheaply with the builders who did the kitchen, and she got Dulux paints to match the Farrow & Ball color palette to save money. But she wasn’t happy with the result, and one room came out with a horrible, unexpected purple tinge. She’s blaming it on her hormones before [Prince George's] birth." Oh man!

Poor Kate. How was she to know?! And if it's true that she's actually blaming this oversight on "pregnancy hormones," she really needs to give herself a break. It sounds like the decision to try to save money could've been made at ANY time.

Then again, perhaps her overall judgment was a bit cloudy. Maybe she originally thought she liked the paint color and is now wondering what in the WORLD she was thinking! But we've all been there. I was freaking over throw pillows I wasn't sure I liked the color of last week! You live, you learn, you start over!

That said, Kate has apparently already begun making the situation right by hiring a new interior designer, who will also be working on the royal couple's country home Anmer Hall. And there ought to be no public squawking over the cost, as the Palace said any additional design-related costs would be covered privately by the royal family. So it sounds like she won't have to put up with those purple walls for too much longer -- whew!

Have you ever made a home decorating decision you later came to regret? What did you do?


Image via i-Images, PacificCoastNews

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Katherine Scott

Don't beat yourself up Kate over this.  

Frances Williams

Hey, it's paint..

a project manager makes changes  the difference is you can blame them.. it won't be the last time paints are not quite right.

I am sure it will be put right before they return from Australia :)


Carmen R Gomes

I understand i did the same when i was pregnant and bought my first home. My husband went behind me and repainted the walls to a soft neutral color. Don't be hard on yourself.. Nothing wrong with going inexpensive. Live is very costly today...

Brenda Lane


waity... waitykate

Oh this nauseating, self-absorbed lazy woman is going to do far more than re-paint.  The "decor" was reported widely as boring and beige.  She will be sticking taxpayers for more than just re-doing the paint. Yes blame it on her pregnancy, oh come on - she's just not good at doing anything but popping out a baby, who she has left behind for a damage-control "romantic getaway" after her bald husband went to Africa and hooked back up with ex lover Jecca Craig.

So far this year Waity Kate has done just two "public duty" appearances. That's how serious she is NOT about helping others. Did nothing all January then went to Mustique. Now leaves her 7 month baby old to go on another vacation, and then Australia will be another big pamper-fest.  Why does the UK need them ? They don;'t, and there's talk of a Republic.  I do pity George, can't imgine ever going off and leaving my kids when they were so tiny. Would not have wanted to.

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