'Couples Therapy' Recap: Farrah Abraham Needs to Learn When to Leave

Farrah AbrahamWell, it's official. Farrah Abraham is once again a fame-hungry reality star without a show as VH1 aired the season finale of Couples Therapy this week. The Teen Mom has a new choice on her hands: will she slink back out of the spotlight or is she already looking for her next publicity stunt?

Her last therapy session with Dr. Jenn Berman could tell us a lot about what's next for Farrah.


Berman managed to set up a date for Farrah on the show's last episode with a guy they found on PlentyofFish.com. Although most of the men Farrah ran across on the dating site had declined to come on camera, a single dad named Ryan decided he'd do it.

It seemed pretty clear that Ryan knew exactly who Farrah was, hinting about how he used to work at the Playboy mansion while giggling like a schoolgirl ... clearly trying to get Farrah to start talking about her sex tape. It was also pretty clear that Ryan was a giant a--hat as he went into a rant about how most guys just want to "sleep with b--ches," that poor Farrah didn't even know how to respond to.

I thought she handled herself pretty well. She wasn't nearly as rude as she's been in the past, even leaving the date with Ryan somehow thinking he still had a chance with her (OK, so maybe he was just delusional?). But that was Dr. Jenn's biggest problem with Farrah's date. The guy was a tool, but she said Farrah was too nice to him, even warned the Teen Mom that she needs to stop bending over backward to keep other people from getting mad and actually just ... walk away sometimes.

At the very least, she should have left the date much sooner instead of sitting through the torture of spending time with Ryan.

Hmm. Farrah not knowing when to leave a date. Sound anything like her life in the spotlight? Teen Mom ended how long ago, and she's been desperate to find her way back onto TV instead of just walking away.

Now that Couples Therapy is over, here's hoping she learned something ... and takes a little time to just be Sophia's mom!

Where do you think Farrah will end up next? What Teen Mom star do you think will end up on Couples Therapy next?


Image via VH1

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