Jenelle Evans' Relationship Problem Looks Strangely Familiar (VIDEO)


jenelle evans nathan griffith jace With Jenelle Evans 23 weeks along with their little boy Kaiser, the Teen Mom 2 star seems to be in an amazing place right now with boyfriend Nathan Griffith. Really, have we ever seen her in such a happy, consistently calm relationship?! But that's not to say the couple doesn't have their occasional challenges, just like the rest of us!

Jenelle took to Instagram yesterday to share a video showcasing one of her major gripes with her man, and we can't help but laugh ...

Ha, oh no! Along with the vid, Jenelle did write the caption, "Hahahah this is the response I get all night long from him," so at least she has a sense of humor about it! Also, let's hope she realizes she's SO not alone. How many of us out there have an occasionally tuned-out video game/hockey game/football game freak on our hands?! 

But that's okay. As long as the boys ultimately prioritize the relationship over their toys (as it seems Nathan really does!), there should be nothing to flip out over.

Can you relate to Jenelle's issue with Nathan?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Rachel

YES.....and my Hubble is 65 years old and still plays video games ALOT

nonmember avatar Erin H.

I called myself a "WOW Widow" for a couple of years (WOW=World of Warcraft). My sister left her S.O. cuz of WOW as well. Some guys just don't know how, or care to, proritize their relationship. Lucky for my husband, I loved him enough to not leave him over a video game, but he wasn't let off easy!

nonmember avatar Ashleigh

My husband and I have a rule... when we want to play our video games, there's a two hr limit if we're playing alone, and more often than not, we play WoW together :) our son loves watching us and running from one computer to the other, and I also use it as cuddle time with our three month old by putting her in a Moby or other carrier while I do...

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