Prince William's Surprising Confession About How He & Kate Raise Baby George

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PRince William Kate Middleton Prince GeorgeOMG. This is just ... beyond adorable. Even though they have countless people to turn to for help in raising little Prince George, Prince William and Kate Middleton use parenting websites to find advice on navigating this new territory in their lives.

At a recent awards ceremony, Wills let their little secret slip while talking to one of the founders of the Netmums websites. He told her that sites for mums and dads are definitely needed and that friends of his and Kate's log on and read up to find answers to their questions as well.

(Hmm. Wonder if he and Kate have ever checked out The Stir? They totally should.)

Given how much pomp and circumstance surrounds them, it's always so refreshing to hear that William and Kate really are regular parents just like the rest of us -- even though they lead a bit more of a privileged life, to say the least.

It's so cute to think about the two of them being up in the middle of the night with a screaming baby, wondering what the hell to do to calm him down -- only to have Prince William say, "Don't worry love, I'll look it up online ..."

(I can picture that little scenario, can't you?)

His admission shows that they're just as hands on with Prince George as they insisted they would be before Kate gave birth. They may live in a palace, but they're obviously maintaining as normal an existence as possible, which only makes us even more infatuated and obsessed with them.

It's official. They really can't do anything wrong, people.

Do you find it surprising that Kate and Prince William rely on parenting websites just as much as we do?


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Katherine Scott

No, I think it is just right and that Diana would whole heartedly approve - she probably no doubt wishes that such a thing was around when William and Harry were babies.

Frances Williams

I expect they both feel that if Diana were still here they would get warm and excellent support from her. It must make them conscious of her absence.

They are bright and capable people and like the rest of the population make use of informative internet sites and at a time that suits them. 

However bright and capable they are reassurance is still needed from time to time with a first baby.

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