Ashton Kutcher Admits Being the One-Night Stand Guy Is ‘A Little Gross’

Ashton KutcherGood news for Mila Kunis -- Ashton Kutcher seems to be totally done with the single life. In an interview with Men’s Fitness this month, the newly engaged actor admitted that while the freedom of being single can be fun for a while, it eventually gets old.

The Two and a Half Men star said, “Being a single guy can be a lot of fun ... when you’re financially independent [and] can do whatever you want, whenever you want.”

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He continued, "For every girl you have a good time with for one night, if you want to stay single, that's the same girl that you have to not call back ... after a while, being the one-night stand guy is also just a little gross."

So I’m guessing he’s changed his ways from back in October 2011, when he allegedly had a one-night stand with young 20-something Sara Leal on his sixth wedding anniversary with Demi Moore. Because you know what’s grosser than a one-night stand? A one-night stand when you’re married.

But people change and grow up, and maybe this just means he and Mila were always meant to be together. Maybe she makes him want to be a better man. Who knows why he’s so dang smitten with Mila that he now views the party guy life as “gross.” Whatever the reason, I think it’s sweet and I hope he means it.

Do you think one-night stand guy is “just a little gross”?


Image via JD Lasica/Flickr

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nonmember avatar Chris

Not just a little gross. Completely vile. Debasing of himself and his partners. Reducing them both to the level of beasts.

adamat34 adamat34

Isn't this te same guy who had a one night stand when he was married to Demi Moore ?? I remember someone coming out and saying there was a hotel room and hot tub involved,..... Anyone else remember that???

Momm2... Momm2threeboyz

Have some coffee @adamat34! It says it in the story! LOL

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