Teresa & Joe Giudice Should Be Granted Their Crazy Prison Request

teresa giudiceReal Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa and Joe Giudice pleaded guilty to fraud charges on Monday. And as of now, it looks like not just one of them, but both of them, are going to wind up spending time in prison in the very near future. On the one hand, the couple got off fairly easily, considering they were indicted on 41 criminal counts and were originally facing 100+ years on prison. But on the other, man, it really sucks for their poor kids.

So, because of their four daughters, ages 4-13, the Giudices are asking the judge to stagger their sentences. They want to serve their time consecutively, as opposed to at the same time, so one parent is always with their children.

I certainly don't have much pity for the Giudices, but this sounds like a good idea to me.

At the end of the day, their kids are innocent. They're young girls and they did nothing wrong. Why should they have to all suffer because of their parents entitled, reckless behavior? Haven't they gone through enough? We may not all be fans of Teresa and Joe, but obviously their kids are -- because they're their parents.

According to Teresa and Joe's lawyer, Miles Feinstein, the request isn't unreasonable, and more likely than not, will come to fruition, as the judge has agreed to similar requests in the past. The couple's sentence hearing isn't until July 8, so they won't know for some time, but thus far we do know that Teresa faces 21 to 27 months in prison and Joe faces up to 46. For the girls to go about two years without either parent in their life is incredibly upsetting. Hopefully, the judge will agree to their request.

And, hopefully, Teresa and Joe have learned their lesson.

Do you think the judge should grant their request?


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nonmember avatar namers

Sure, so he serves, gets deported and she used that tired excuse then. It is too bad for the kids but they already are in bad shape and need a more stable environment to get through this mess.

Michael Shea

They didn't stagger their theft why should their sentences be staggered?>

Tara Ryan

OMG no way. They are disgusting people, behaved disgustingly, that woman is pure evil. I say the kids are better off without them. I am infuriated by teresa's actions more so than her husband. She was selfish, greedy, materialistic, nasty to her "friends", and she should do her time.

Lee Crowell

As long as it is standard practice for ALL criminal parents. The special treatment of "privileged" people needs to end in this country.

Regina Mays Taylor

Every day mother and father go to jail and leave children.

Linda Darnell

I agree with Michael Shea. The kids were there the whole time that they ( joe&teresa ) were commiting fraud, and they weren't too concerned about the girl's then. So, DON'T CRY ABOUT THE KID'S BEING WITHOUT A PARENT now!!!!  Who knows, maybe the girl's would do better WITHOUT either one of THEM trying to "parent" them for a couple year's.   From what has been seen on t.v.,  those girl's do need some positive parenting.



Carol Rhodes

I think the best question is would the judge allow anybody else to do this? If it is granted, it is probably due to the fact that they are public "celebrities"( for lack of a better word), not because he would grant this request to just anybody. I feel for those kids. It's not their fault. However, this couple should not be entitled to special treatment simply because of who they are. It wouldn't happen for me or anyone I know. Nor would I expect it. The parents knew what they were doing. They have loving family who will care very well for those children.

Dana Vasquez

this is a common request. you people are rediculous. you sound uneducated. you know nothing about these people personally other than what youve seen on tv. they will both pay consequences for their actions however its the how  theyre gonna do it. put their children first. i personally think the judge   will allow it because their sentences will be so short. they will obviously pay the price for a very long time afterwards putting the pieces of thier lives back together. i really think theyve learned thier lesson.

Suzanne Gorencel Ambs

If you have watched their program...or have seen them interviewed...you know that neither of them has a brain or a place to put one. They're both arrogant, self serving frauds. She is great at painting herself WAY MORE successful than she is. He comes off as an ignorant thug who is shady as they come. Playing the "concern for my kids" card is just their way of getting out of paying for their crimes simultaneously. I agree with those who pointed out..that they didn't worry much about the kids welfare when they were screwing over everybody else so why should they worry about them now? Lets see Theresa flip some tables in the chow hall...she'll have her ass handed to her. She thinks she's such a bad ass...as does he. I think they're both in for a rude awakening...at least I hope so.

nonmember avatar Anner

I think it is a crock. They do not deserve this special treatment. I think they figure it is a way they can still continue to be on RHWONJ, just one of them at a time. And if the judge does agree to it they better be sure they have their passports revoked.

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