'50 Shades' Insider Reveals Why Fans Won't Be Disappointed by Jamie & Dakota

jamie dornan dakota johnsonAdmit it: Even if you've been crying in your pillow since Ian Somerhalder and Alexis Bledel were ruled out as Christian and Ana, you know you're still a smidge curious about how Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson will fare in Fifty Shades of Grey.

In fact, you've probably been wondering for months how they'll handle all the pressure ... and flogging! Well, although there are still 11 months to go 'til the flick hits theaters, we did just get another clue about their performances!

Fifty Shades producer Dana Brunetti's girlfriend Kristin Chenoweth sat down with E!'s Kristin Dos Santos and dished about the film, which she visited the set of and said she believes will be "very, very tasteful." She also had the following to say of the erotic movie's leads:

I think that Dakota and Jamie, I met them both—I didn't see their work, because it's a closed set, but I do see how they both got the parts—could not have been lovelier. That always helps. 'You're talented and you're nice?' Fantastic!

Aww. I have to agree. Niceness counts for something! The more down-to-earth and grounded and genuine actors are, the better. And the more believable their performances, I'd say. Which means I'm taking Kristin's observations to mean that Fifty Shades fans are definitely in for a treat!

What do you think about Kristin's take on Dakota and Jamie?

Image via R Chiang/Splash News

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peach... peachpies

How is this a clue about their performances when she didn't even see them perform? Seriously this site is dumb. I didn't want any of toes actors listed here, all I cared about were that they embodied the characters and looked the parts. These actors do NOT. Especially Dakota. And she's already so unlikable as a person and based in her interviews about this role that nothing could make me like her anyway. I've seen her other roles and she's a dull actress. She only got this role because she knew the director and producers and we all know that. She didn't deserve it. And don't forget this film is only R so it's not going to even be intense like the books. And of course Kristin Chenoweth would never say anything bad about the actors when she's asked! They've been shoving them down out throats since they were cast by talking them up so much since they were so wrongly cast and people recognize it.

Liliana Randazzo

I agree with peachpie Dakota is soooooo wrong in so many ways for the part it's not even remotely watchable I will stick to the books and not let the movie ruin it for me.Dakota is not easy on the eyes and when the main character is so bad you simply can not watch the movie. Lets also not forget Rita Ora ??? are you kidding me she looks like trailer park trash.

nonmember avatar amanda sharp

im sorry when I read the book that's not how I pictured the actors to look but I will admit I will watch the movie to c how it will all play out but I don't have my hopes up much

nonmember avatar susann

These actors look nothing like described in Books, will not go and see the movie since ian Somerhalder wont be playing CG.

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