Khloe Kardashian Better Not Be Wrecking One of Her Most Beloved Traits (PHOTO)

khloe kardashian kissy kissy glam instagramLet's face it: Most of the Kardashians have a certain, err, reputation. For example, people assume a Kardashian has cameras following her every move, that she has to take a selfie every hour on the hour, and that she spends quite a bit of time and cash in plastic surgeons' offices. But not Khloe. Khloe has managed to squeak by, avoiding being slapped with many of those stereotypes by carving out a rare niche for herself in the family as the grounded, naturally beautiful one. Until now ...?!

Provoked by a recent tweeted pic of the reality star, tongues are wagging that she may have had a procedure or two done on her already gorgeous visage. Nooooo!

Here's the photo in question ...


Agh! It IS suspiciously frozen-looking. Her forehead is very smooth and her lips rather bizarrely full. Could just be the angle ... or her #FOTD (face of the day aka makeup!), but it could ALSO be, well, "work." 

Radar Online talked to Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and assistant Clinical Professor at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA -- who has never personally treated Khloe, but offered his opinion of her "new slimmer and very different facial shape":

Botox to forehead and around eyes, which can change brow position and overall eyebrow and eye shape; weight loss, and less cheek fillers than in the past.

Hmm, let's hope it can only be attributed to her weight loss. Although she confessed in an interview a few months back that she'd never rule cosmetic procedures out, so I guess we have to face the fact that even if she isn't now, Khloe could end up being just as much of a fan of creepy fillers as her mom and sis.

Do you think it looks like Khloe has had work done?


Image via Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

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nonmember avatar bridget

i say its great conturing makeup ! she looks great

nonmember avatar Jelly Bean USA

Definitely having work done. Sad. Trying to be Kim. Botox, fillers, subtle nose thinning, and big butt of transferred fat. And don't get us started on those silly duck lips a la sister Kim.

Angie Amity

Shame, don't they understand what happens when you start this plastic stuff,you get addicted and keep doing it until you ruin your looks like Goldie Hawn & Meg Ryan, not to forget Kim Novack, no one knew her until she spoke. To be so addicted at 79? No reality...............

Vicki Cole

Yes, she's trying to look like Kim & should not be doing that. She's her own beautiful person & doesn't need any help.

nonmember avatar Anti Kardashian

Khloe is one of the ugliest women on the planet. She looks like a blowfish. Her makeup only accentuates her pitiful appearance and that gawd-awful dark burnt brown lipstick she's been wearing lately is enough to gag an admirer.

Blowfish Central, I'd say.

nonmember avatar Donna

I think Khloe is so beautiful. People need to leave her alone. So what if she has had work done or not. It's her face, let her do what she wants. She is a beautiful person inside and out, she's also going through a hard time with her marriage. I mean please, give her a break, people are always talking about her. Love you Khloe❗💜

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