Maci Bookout Is Digging a Hole She Might Not Be Able to Get Out Of

Maci Bookout son Bentley

Out of all of the stars of the Teen Mom shows, Maci Bookout is definitely the easiest to relate to. She really does such an amazing job with Bentley, and she also seems to run into a lot of the same challenges as the rest of us when it comes to parenting.

Like sleep issues, for instance. Remember when she tweeted about Bentley waking her up at the crack of dawn?

Well now it looks like Maci has a new sleep-related problem with her little guy that she might want to get under control before it becomes too routine.

I hate to break it her, but he's only going to get harder and harder to carry as time goes on. And as tempting as it is to let our kiddos drift off to dreamland in front of the TV -- it's definitely not something we should make a habit out of.

If Maci doesn't nip this one in the bud, she may find that Bentley either refuses to fall asleep in his bed or she may be forced to just leave him on the couch when he reaches a point where he's too heavy to lift. (Which will come sooner than later, given how petite she is.)

But I can't blame her for wanting to hang onto every sweet second she has while Bentley is still a little kid. They grow up way too fast, so it's almost impossible to resist picking them up and cuddling them at every chance we get!

Do you ever let your kids fall asleep on the couch?


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nicol... nicolemstacy

She will figure it out, as we all do.

Judith Bandsma

My son and daughter in law used to let their kids fall asleep wherever they were...and stay there. Usually in front of the tv. As a result, the oldest's bed time routine is to turn on the tv or start a video after he turns off the lights. He's 25 now. They didn't do him, or the others, any favors.

Cassandra Beckim

my 1yo goes to bed every night at the same time and has never watched tv while in her crib, but my 6yo was at first brought up with a tv in her room. ive changed it up now as shes allowed to watch 1 show before bed, but it goes off when i say lights out or she will stay up all night.

Elizabeth Pursel

My son had a nightmare when he was two or three, so my husband laid down in his bed with him until he fell back to sleep.  Guess who still needs us to sit or lay in bed with him until he falls asleep at SIX YEARS OLD!  I've tried relentlessly to put a stop to it for two years now, because between bathtime, reading, and falling asleep, the nighttime routine takes an hour an a half.  My husband and I swap each night; one does the bath, and the other does the books/sleep.  We then switch the next night.  The nights I sit with him for a few minutes after we put the books back on the shelf and then leave, he cries--loudly.  We have a two-year-old, and to keep him from waking her up, my husband ends up going up and lying down with him.  At least I sit at the foot of the bed.  This is horrible.  I feel like a terrible parent to make him so dependent upon us, and I'm sure I'll get comments about how I need to put my foot down.  Seriously, it's easier said than done.  I'm well aware that my foot needs to be slammed down on this, but between the crying, my husband giving in, and the fear of a second child awake and cranky while I'm trying to work (from home), I'm selfish and let it go.  Terrible, I know.  Trust me--I know.  The shame. :(

Hunny... HunnybearSG

Elizabeth, if anyone does slam you for it, tell em to F off! Its your home, your family and your life. Your son is 6, he had a nightmare that obviously frightened him enough that he doesn't want to experience it again, there is NOTHING wrong with comforting your child. Again, he is SIX not sixteen. He is still young enough that what you are doing is completely alright. However, I am a lil worried that you are shaming yourself and your husband for simply doing what good parents do. Sounds to me like you are both working together to make your children happy and feel secure, again, there is nothing wrong with that.

Karen Leigh Moore

When my daughter was born, we lived at my parents for a bit. My dad worked nights so he and my mom were usually up at night and slept during the day. There was always background noise or a television or something going on. When we moved, we tried simply sleeping in a quiet room, but she just couldn't go to sleep. We put a tv in the room to provide the background noise she was used to and voila... back to sleeping all night without a problem. Now she is 5, and still has her tv for background noise. We have never had a problem with her not going to sleep. The rule is you have to lay down and close your eyes and try to sleep. If you don't the tv goes off. we have always made sure to enforce the rule. I think we have only had to shut it off one time to get the point across. There is nothing wrong with allowing them to sleep with something going in the background as long as they do not abuse the privilege.


nonmember avatar Lindsay

My daughter slept in my bed till she was 7. I was just like Maci I had my daughter at 17 and was a single mother. It wasn't till we moved in with my husband that I saw what I really did to her was wrong. It took a year to were she could sleep by herself and it was the hardest time to watch and hear her cry for me. It broke my heart every night and 6 years later I still feel so bad for letting her sleep with me for so long. I see now I didn't do it for her I did it for me bc I wanted her with me all the time. I will never do that to any child of mine again.

Seren... SerenityAscends

Sometimes it happens. But I just wake him up, guide him gently to his bed, and cover him up.

Kim Blum Benson

Have a set bedtime durning the week that he has to be in his bed at that time. On weekend nights he can stay up and fall asleep on the couch with mom. He will be set up for when he starts school that way also..

nonmember avatar Emily

I guess I'm seeing things very differently than some other parents. We have 3 boys. Our oldest is 11, second is 8 and youngest is 5. They have all at some point co-slept with us. We had our oldest when I just turned 19. None of them ever slept with a tv on but I don't judge those parents that make that choice. Our older two transitioned just fine into their own beds and our 5 year old is still co-sleeping. Itll be his choice when he goes to his own bed but giving them a good sense of security, I think, makes them feel confident enough in themselves to take steps towards independence. In our experience it hasn't held them back and trust me, I'm not doing it for selfish reasons. Do you honestly think I enjoy being pushed half way off the bed or slapped and kicked most nights?! Do what's best for YOUR family and don't feel guilty about it or listen to negative feedback from anyone even if it's other family like mom, grandma, cousin, aunt. Just because they did things a 'certain way' doesn't mean that's what's good for you and yours ;)

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