‘Bachelor’ Juan Pablo Defends Himself by Dissing Andi Dorfman

Andi DorfmanAll of America might think he's "totally mean-o" but I'm actually starting to feel bad for Bachelor Juan Pablo. It's become sort of trendy to hop on the I-Hate-Juan-Pablo-but-Ess-Okay bandwagon and there's no sign of that stopping any time soon. And considering he recently dissed fan favorite Andi Dorfman, I'm pretty sure all hell's about to break loose.

To be fair, we only heard one side of the story regarding their infamous fantasy suite date, and it's very obvious who everyone sided with. Well here's a doozy for you, Juan Pablo finally told his side of the story, and I'm sorry but ... I kind of agree with him.

Here's what he had to say:

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I have a completely different opinion about what happened on our overnight date. I respect her decision, but in my opinion, she should have told me in private, when we had no cameras, but I guess some people would rather do things in public.

Um ... how do you say BURN in Spanish? He's basically implying that Andi did what she did for attention, and while it obviously worked, it doesn't really put her in the best light.

Look, I know we all love Andi, but Juan Pablo is 100 percent right here. Why didn't she just talk to him in private? They did spend the ENTIRE night together. Was it completely necessary to wait until the cameras were rolling to rip him apart? I'm not sure if you guys know this, but Juan Pablo has a daughter. Camila. And she's going to be really pissed when she hears about this.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm totally happy Andi decided to fight with JP on camera ... that episode was seriously dragging and definitely needed a good argument from a girl who argues for a living. But still, it's just not a good look for her. And it's got a lot of people saying she did what she did purposely to become the next Bachelorette.

Not cool, Andi. No more besitos for you.

What do you think of Juan Pablo's side of the story?

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nonmember avatar jessics

He is totally right!! Shame on Andi!!!@

Wendy Cundiff Cahoon

I don't think Andi would be a good choice for the next bachelorette. I don't think what she did was good at all. I didn't like her!

nonmember avatar Rhonda

She knew she wasnt the one when he told her she barely made it, between her and Renee! They all knew it would be between Claire and Nikki, so she beat him to the punch!

Karen Henkel Bobst

If JP is concerned about what his daughter is going to think, then maybe he should NOT have slept with THREE ladies!!!

Tresa Pulley Bozell

What Andi did was classless. Her actions may very well make men leary of her.

Cathy Lovelace Shukait

vote for jp she is a lawyer and wanted him to beg her to stay and  ess okay was an insult but ess okay

nonmember avatar joyce

Love this article Go Juan Point on. I said it the next day, she did NOT LIKE HIM, so she went for the gold knowing they would be oh poor Andi lets make her next Bach. Don't like her and won't watch. Think about they all make out their season Same thing diff. show. Back off Juan. He did nothing wrong period. He is a young man and we know what they Like. Thanks for letting JMO. as a guest.

Rachelle Maison Zebro

He so worried about his daughter seeing that argument, WOW...what about his daughter seeing him suck face with 25 women and taking 3 into the fantasy suite to spend the night with them? Talk about your priorites being messed up. JP think it thru before you open your mouth.

Mary Pauley Rutt

To be fair.....he signed up for this to be on LIVE TV...so he got what he asked for, in my opinion.

Frost... FrostyMelted

Bet he winds up with a dude named Andy.

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