Chelsea Houska's Daughter's Dreams Are No Laughing Matter

Chelsea Houska Aubree

Aww. Too cute! Isn't it funny how little kids have all sorts of big ideas about what they want to do later in life? Take Chelsea Houska's daughter, for example.

Just wait until you hear what Aubree wants to be when she grows up, which had Chelsea so amused, she even went and shared her little girl's plans with her Twitter followers.

Check it out.


Dang! For a little kid, she definitely has high hopes for her future. But even though you have to take what the kiddos say with a grain of salt -- Chelsea might not want to dismiss Aubree's aspirations for getting involved in contact sports just yet.

Sure, it's pretty cute that she wants to be a football player and odds are good that won't wind up being the case -- but there's always the chance that her interests won't change all that much as she grows up. Chelsea can chuckle all she wants, but she may just have a future pee-wee football superstar on her hands! Let's hope she's prepared to have that conversation when and if it ever rolls around.

I shudder to think about my son wanting to play something as rough as football, so I can only begin to imagine how tough it would be to have a daughter who's into that sort of thing. There's a fine line between reminding her she can accomplish anything she wants in life and letting her enter into a situation where she might get hurt. (What's a mom to do?!?)

Would you let your daughter play football if she wanted to?


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