Kate Middleton & Prince William's Baby Making Plans Sound Like a Real Drag

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Despite the rumors that were floating around in the tabloids recently, the Duchess of Cambridge is not pregnant with her second child (or at least as far as we know, she isn't).

But she may very well have babies on the brain, because a new report says that Kate Middleton and Prince William plan on trying to conceive while they're on their Royal Tour of New Zealand and Australia next month.


A "close pal" of theirs supposedly told the Daily Star that they plan on treating the trip like a second honeymoon of sorts. We all know what kinds of activities typically go on during honeymoons after the lights go out. (And sometimes while they're on. Whatever.)

And while it makes sense for them to give little Prince George a sibling sooner rather than later, I'm just not sure there's going to be a ton of time for baby making during the Royal Tour. I mean, they're visiting multiple cities in each country and will be on a very tight schedule, so something tells me the only thing that will be on their minds at the end of the day is sleep.

Oh, and then there's the whole factor of Prince George being on the journey with them, which provides even less time for ... (sex). Why do I feel a little dirty using that word to describe what the royals do in the bedroom? It just seems like I'm invading their privacy or something. (Sorry guys.)

But if Wills and Kate do manage to sneak in a little bit of alone time, it might be kind of romantic if she does wind up getting preggo with baby number two while they're Down Under. Something about traveling to a foreign country really has a way of spicing things up -- so it's entirely possible for Kate to be sporting another tiny baby bump by the time summer rolls around.

(Let's not get our hopes up though. Who wants to get busy after day after day of walking around in heels for hours on end?)

Do you think now is the right time for Prince William and Kate to add to their family?


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