Kristen Stewart Couldn't Look Any Happier Without Robert Pattinson

kristen stewart laxKristen Stewart's back to business! She's been keeping a low profile since appearing at the Sundance Film Fest for her film Camp X-Ray, but today, the Twilight actress hit the streets of NYC.

She's in town to film her new movie Still Alice, alongside Kate Bosworth, Alec Baldwin, and Julianne Moore. Judging from that tremendous grin slapped across her face, she couldn't care less that a.) it's freakin' FRIGID in the Big Apple today and b.) photogs are stalking her every move. She actually looks deliriously happy!

Sipping on a green juice, crunching on an apple, and bundled up in two shirts, a signature black denim jacket, red pants, sneakers (obvs), and dark sunglasses, KStew couldn't have looked like she was more in her element. I'm guessing she's thrilled to be not only back on a movie set, but working with other super-talented stars.

The film, which is about a psychologist who discovers she's suffering from an early onset of Alzheimer's disease, seems like it may even be one to rack up some awards down the road. That said, why WOULDN'T Kristen be thrilled?

Sure, some Robsten fans may be bummed this is a sign she's moving on and her ex -- currently shooting his own new film Life in Toronto -- is the furthest thing from her mind. But hey, you never know! Distance may be the thing that makes their hearts grow fonder.

What do you think KStew is so happy about?


Image via KCS Presse/Splash News

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nonmember avatar Moon

She dumped the turkey. Looks happy, back to her old working stiff self. A focus on her career instead of fixing pasta for a two-timing, self-centered, strip-club going alkie seems to agree with her.
Like it would any of us.

nonmember avatar George

They both deserve happiness. It is amazing to me, especially given that first comment, how deluded some have become through their ott efforts to deflect from an initial immature and selfish choice. Kristen took responsibilty for her actions and it is a shame some of her fans feel the need to trash and defame someone who was impacted by that truly bad choice. Grow up people and move on, they both have.

nonmember avatar Evelyn Williams

Well duh, it's only obvious. Just how close is NYC to Toronto? They're still together, just keeping a low profile. I guess if I had idiots chasing me around with a camera, I'd keep it under wraps too.

Ofry Arad

we like you x reSty

nonmember avatar Happy

Erm.. Maressa Brown, were you being sarcastic when you said "She actually looks deliriously happy!" with that pic you posted with this article?

Marilyn Mel

Yeah, she sure doesn't appear happy in that picture !!  I think Kristen's probably smiling cause she's still with Robert  and has been all along .I wish the two of them the best .





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