Teresa Giudice Reveals Her Biggest Fear About Going to Prison

teresa giudiceThis is a first. Teresa Giudice has admitted that she was wrong. I am sure any fan of The Real Housewives of New Jersey thought hell would freeze over before they would see that day. Unfortunately for T, that mea culpa came in court today. After years of legal battles, the reality TV star pleaded guilty to four counts of fraud.

"Today I took a responsibility for a series of mistakes I made several years ago," she said in a statement to People magazine. In fact, she described the bad choices she made and expressed remorse to the judge.

Her hubby Joe also came clean, copping to a half dozen mortgage and bankruptcy fraud charges. The couple had asked for separate trials and had reportedly hoped that Teresa would have gotten off without jail time. But the nightmare is far from over for the fiery pair. She faces up to 27 months in prison and he could be locked up for up to 46 months. That is a scary new reality for the Giudices, who flaunted their incredibly lavish life on the Bravo hit.

"I am heartbroken that this is affecting my family. Especially my four young daughters, who mean more to me than anything in the world," Teresa also said in the statement. That, undoubtedly, is this mom's biggest fear. The thought of leaving her children behind as she and her husband are carted off to jail must be horrifying. It must be a terrifying thought for the kids too.

Also distraught? Her diehard fans. Already people are freaking out at the prospect of Teresa being unable to film while serving time. However, she may get some screen time in before she is sentenced July 8. I bet some of her enemies (aka castmates) are rejoicing that she will soon be gone. To them, it's a clear issue of karma. Teresa was such a trouble-making menace, now she faces the ultimate take-down. Though it would be great if the cameras followed her behind bars. Kinda like an Orange Is the New Black -- Real Housewives style.

What do you think the RHONJ will be like without Teresa?


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nonmember avatar Anner

She should have thought of her kids BEFORE committing the crime.

Rhonda Comfort

Thieves never think they will be caught. Well the Giudices got caught and now they have to pay. But she'll get off without any jail time be cause of "THE KIDS" I bet and that's not right because there are parents that have committed lesser crimes and that have had to do time in jail. Maybe the next time Hubby tells her to sign the papers she'll read and ask a lawyer what it's all about and not trust her husbands judgment completely. 

nonmember avatar sandy

Does anybody else see/feel how truly bizarre and disconnected it is to be upset that a woman convicted of a crime may not be able to fill her spot on a weekly "reality" show? Good grief! The Reality is that Theresa-from-RHONJ now actually has to be Theresa, the mother who consciously, purposefully deceived her extended family, her friends, her fans, and the legal system for years. I hope that she can face her consequences and be a better role model for her daughters from now on. THAT is reality, not the hour each week that she may have appeared on a TV show.

Coleen Caterino Scampini

The problem I see is that many of their castmates TRIED to tell them what they thought of the rumors about their going to prison for fraud, but T always said that they didn't do anything wrong. WELL, YOU OBVIOUSLY DID something WRONG and you knew you did something WRONG....so why go into denial..it only hurts YOU in the end, your family, your parents must be besides themselves and all the BS that you put your brother and his wife through, when in the end...FAMILY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. I feel bad for your children and your parents, but not for you both because you knew what you did and lied and deceived your family, friends and fans!



Connie Griffith Moore

THe show needs to be took off the air if Tre is not on it, I feel so bad for her and her daughters.   for her and the family, people make mistakes thats part of life.

Karen Ann McCabe

Really, people make mistakes? They didn't do it once, they did it multiple time. I like the Jersey Houswives and it should remain on minus Teresa. Why should the remaining cast and fans of the show suffer for their mistakes? You do the crime, you do the time. Life isn't fair, make better decisions. They knew what they were doing.

Linda Rizio Boyle

I honestly would like to see Theresa just get probation and have to rely on others that she made trouble for during the show.  I don't think she's smart enough to have understood that she was doing something that wasn't legal (have you heard the woman speak?), but rather just said, "ok Joe,"  whenever he asked her to sign something. Ignorance is no defense, I agree, but I think he should cover both their times.

cmw327 cmw327

Who cares about the show. Her kids are the ones who are going to suffer!

Carol Opie

Suck it up Buttercup.  You made your bed; now lie in it.big smile mini

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